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Education Abroad Experience
Abby Shartle ’26
Marietta College student Abby Shartle ’26 poses for a photo during her Education Abroad trip to Aberdeen, Scotland


Germantown, Ohio


Double Major Petroleum Engineering and Geology for Engineers

Location of Study Abroad

Aberdeen, Scotland

Abby Shartle in Scotland

Why did you choose this location/program?

It had the possibility of petroleum courses. I also wanted an English-speaking country that offered the same semester timeline.

What did you learn about yourself during your time abroad?

I had to learn how to acclimate to a completely new environment. Although I have lived outside of home before, I never imagined that I could have been so comfortable with being uncomfortable. I had to get used to learning daily and challenging myself.

What was your housing situation?

On campus apartment.

What is your best memory from this experience?

I loved being able to travel through Scotland, Ireland, Britain, and the Netherlands! 

What was the greatest challenge during this experience?

It was very difficult to find courses that would transfer back to Marietta. Therefore, I was also in difficult classes. 

What do you know now that you didn't know before about Scotland?

I had to become very comfortable with public transportation. It is great to be able to know how to navigate buses, trams, and trains!

What did you learn about Scotland that you think people would be surprised to learn?

Scotland uses miles per hour for speed limit signs.

Why would you encourage others to study abroad in Scotland?

I would encourage students to study abroad as long as they are educated on what your courses and major will look like during and after study abroad. I wasn’t able to take many productive courses which made me fall behind. If students are not fortunate enough to travel outside of school it is a great way to take advantage of your time. I loved being able to challenge myself mentally by becoming comfortable in a new place. Additionally, I loved being able to travel outside of class!

Abby Shartle in Scotland
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