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Marietta Offers $15K Grants for Students to Study Abroad

Marietta College is making it easier for students to gain global experience. Fall 2024 first-year students with a 3.65 GPA or higher will receive the Ronald '72 and Simin Shelton Rinard International Travel Program grant valued at a maximum of $15,000 to study abroad.

This funding helps remove financial barriers, allowing students to immerse themselves in new cultures and develop as adaptable, culturally aware leaders. Students can access these funds after completing their first year at Marietta.

The College’s Office of Education Abroad works with students to find the ideal program to complement their interests and goals. 

Learn more about Marietta’s $15K study abroad grants.

Megan McGriff ’23 on a study abroad trip to Australia


Megan McGriff ’23

Megan, a Strategic Communication major, traveled to Australia to complete an internship. “Receiving the Rinard Travel Grant allowed me to make my dreams of studying abroad a reality and a feasible way to intern over the summer,” McGriff says. “I interned over the summer as a Sport Management and Coaching Intern, where I coached youth basketball and assisted with community events with Maccabi NSW in Sydney, Australia.”

Marietta College students have three options when preparing for an international experience, whether studying, interning, or volunteering abroad.

Third-Party Providers (TPP)

Organizations and companies that have programs all over the globe for intensive months, summer, semester, and academic year terms. Third party-providers coordinate and assist students with the application process, advising, and an on-site orientation (in your host country). Given our wide variety of programs, this is the most popular option at Marietta. Students can find all TPP program options in Thomas 214. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, the Office of Education Abroad staff will help you find an alternative option.

Faculty-led programs

Group-based travel (1-4 weeks) led by Marietta faculty members. Most programs are for credit and vary in length. Students enrolled in the specific course travel together and experience the culture, destination, and academic content hands-on.

Direct Enrollment

Direct enrollment means that you enroll directly with a foreign university. You will be considered an “international student” and study with students from the host institution and other international students. Keep in mind that if you are doing this option in a host country that speaks a different language, you will need to be highly proficient in that language and will coordinate with the International Office on campus.

Eleanor Smith ’23 in Singapore


Eleanor Smith ’23

Eleanor attended Singapore Management University. One of her final group projects developed an app that tracked indoor air quality for university students so they could check the air quality of their dorm rooms. "My time abroad was spent mostly studying how they did business in Singapore from a classroom perspective. Professors talked about their personal experiences in the workplace while applying relevant concepts during their lectures. Overall, I felt that the courses here at Marietta in the B&E department, as well as the Asian Studies program, prepared me well for my experience."


When Can I Study Abroad?

Marietta College students can study abroad upon the completion of 24 hours in the summer, semester or for one full academic year. Most students study abroad their sophomore or junior year, but there are also opportunities to do so the first summer after your freshman year or even your senior year.

Where Can I Study Abroad?

Almost anywhere! We have programs on all inhabitable continents around the world. Although, you should be advised that if the Department of State has issued a travel warning or alert, your program provider may cancel your program, or federal financial aid won’t be applied.

Are There Any Scholarships Available?

Yes! Make sure to check with your program provider about available scholarships. Some of them even offer “early bird specials” so that if you apply by a certain date, you will receive a deduction off the total cost of your program.

Students studying abroad in the summer are eligible for the Journey Beyond Marietta Grant Program. See Budgeting for Study Abroad for more information.

Can I Use My Scholarships/Financial Aid?

YES! Most institutional aid travels with you, though the Office of Education Abroad cannot advise on this specifically. For financial aid questions, please see the Financial Aid Office, located on the 3rd floor of Irvine.

What Is The GPA Requirement To Study Abroad?

Most program providers have a 2.5 or higher GPA requirement. The OEA and Marietta College requires the student to be in good academic standing.

What Are My Housing Options?

You can choose from a homestay (student lives in a room within a house in their host country—eats some or all meals with a family), residence hall, or apartment-style living with most locations offering in-house kitchens for self-catered meals. Some locations have dining facilities on campus, but a meal plan is not usually included.

Do I Have To Speak A Foreign Language To Go Abroad?

NO! There are many course options available in English, even if the host country is not primarily English-speaking. However, the program provider may require you to take a beginner’s course in the native language as part of your coursework. Also, it is also good to take a language course as an introduction to the country you will be living in; after all, you are there to have a unique experience, and much of culture is embedded in language!

How Much Does It Cost?

Programs vary in cost based on location. Traditional locations such as Europe and Australia will cost more because they are more popular, the standard of living is higher and US currency value fluctuates. Prices range, so consult OEA staff for specifics.

Will I Get Credit For Courses Taken Abroad?

As long as you are full-time status and attending an accredited university or your program institute has a connection to an accredited host institution or university, your credits will transfer back to Marietta College. HOWEVER, preapproval of all courses and alternate courses is required to ensure course equivalencies and/or substitutions meet Marietta program requirements. This process will be completed when you fill out the Off-Campus Approval Form.

What Classes Can I Take Abroad?

Marietta College students can take major or minor classes though we do recommend you save some of your general education requirements for your semester abroad. This allows you to have more options when building a schedule should your required major or minor courses not be offered.

How Do I Apply For A Passport And Visa?

You can apply for a passport at the post office in downtown Marietta or online. You should do this as early as possible to ensure you have it before your departure date. The expiration date of your passport should be no earlier than 3-6 months past the return date of your program. If you need a visa, your program provider should be able to assist you with this, as the regulations of the visa vary by country and length of stay.