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Aurora Bernhardt ’24
Aurora Bernhardt ’24 poses for a photo in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.


Jacksonville, Florida


International Business, Finance, and Economics

Location of Study Abroad

Florence, Italy

A view of homes and cliffs on the Amalfi Coast

Why did you choose this location/program?

I chose this location because financially it was one of the better options for me as well as offered courses I was interested in.

What did you learn about yourself during your time abroad?

Studying abroad taught me that I can accomplish anything on my own if I have/want to.

What was your housing situation?

Apartment with three other roommates.

What is your best memory from this experience?

My favorite memory was when my friends and I had lunch at a small Italian restaurant in Rome after seeing the Pantheon. The food, atmosphere, and staff of the restaurant made the experience so special. We made friends with all the other people in the restaurant and the staff made it feel like one big party.

What was the greatest challenge during this experience?

My greatest challenge was navigating tough social environments. My roommates decided we didn’t click together as friends, and I was forced to find and make new friends.

What do you know now that you didn't know before about Italy?

I learned a lot about the culture of wine in Italy and how important it is.

Marietta College student Aurora Bernhardt ’24 stands in front of the Trevi Fountain during her Education Abroad experience in Italy
Marietta College student Aurora Bernhardt ’24 during her Education Abroad experience in Italy

What did you learn about Italy that you think people would be surprised to learn?

I quickly learned that almost everyone in the big cities speaks English at some level. However, small town Italians don’t speak English at all.

Would you encourage others to study abroad why?

Yes, I would absolutely encourage others to study abroad in Italy. If you’re a foodie like me then this is definitely the place to go. I’ve never had such clean, fresh, and absolutely delicious food before.

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