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Supply Grant Information

The Supply Grant program provides student researchers with a small fund ($250 maximum) from which they can purchase consumable materials or supplies for a current research or creative project. The program is open to all full-time undergraduate students. Student applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis by a committee of faculty members. Application criteria include a current overall GPA of 3.000 or better and sponsorship by a Marietta College faculty member.

Open to all full-time undergraduate Marietta College students wishing to work on research or a creative project that would: (a) lead to a presentation at an off-campus academic or professional conference; (b) result in publication in a scholarly journal or similar quality publication; or (c) permit a student to submit a creative work to an off-campus juried show or performance. Supply Grant recipients will make poster presentations of their research or performances at the annual All Scholars Day.

Download Supply Grant Application (Word)

Travel Grant Information

The Travel Fellowship Program is designed to foster a sense of learning and commitment between students and a community of scholars. Fellowships (up to $500 per student per project) enable students to present their research or perform in the fine arts at a regional or national academic conference. When sufficient funding is available, students wishing simply to attend a professional conference or workshop may also be considered (up to $350 of funding per student per experience). Full-time undergraduate students in any discipline with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA may apply for these Fellowships. Awards are competitive and require sponsorship by a faculty mentor. At Marietta, we believe the experience of presenting original work at a larger regional or national forum enriches one’s intellectual life and enhances a sense of professionalism. Travel Fellowship recipients will make poster presentations of their research, performance or experience at the annual All Scholars Day.

Download Travel Grant Application (Word)

Please contact Dr. Parsons for more information: