Conference Theme: "The Self-Aware Leader"

April 1-2, 2022 - Marietta College - Marietta, Ohio

Leading well requires a strong sense of self – knowing who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses. In recent years, the leadership literature has paid increasing attention to the importance of self-awareness in leadership development. In the process of expanding their leadership capacity, leaders gain critical insights about themselves. Leading from the heart requires leaders to know themselves at a deeper level. This topic allows us to explore related issues, including (but not limited to) mindfulness, emotional intelligence, values-based leadership, authentic leadership, and leader burnout. In the spirit of sharing knowledge, best practices, and enriching students’ lives from diverse institutional backgrounds, we invite undergraduate/graduate students, staff, and faculty to consider submitting a proposal for possible presentation at the 2022 McDonough Leadership Conference at Marietta College in Ohio.

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Student Presentation (original research, capstone projects, literature review, report from field experience); Student Panels (we encourage faculty and staff to organize, propose, and chair a panel session with either undergraduate or graduate students from their own institution); Faculty/Staff Roundtable (interactive sessions, information exchange proposed by faculty/staff).

After Submitting, Please send an e-mail message to with your proposal attached.

If you have questions regarding the McDonough Leadership Conference or your proposal, please contact Tracey Wynn, Administrative Coordinator, The McDonough Center 740.376.4624 or

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