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President's Circle Donors

July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

LuAnn M. and John D. Adams ’86
Rebecca C. and Thomas F. Ahrensfeld Jr. ’78
Mary B. Alexander ’73
Kenneth D. Aman ’65
Rich G. ’70 and Yvonne Bromberg Arnold ’71
Brian R. Ashton ’08
L. Gabriel Bach ’69
John P. and Patty Bain Bachner ’77
William M. Bailey ’58
Betty Ann and Alan A. Baker ’54
Rod J. Baker ’90
Martha Warner Bakkila-Pirkey ’64 and Dave Pirkey
Margaret A. Bird ’58
Janet Bland and Ellie Hellis
Robert J. Blendon ’64 and Marie C. McCormick
Susanne Derr Bock ’66
Margie and G. Leonhard Brenner III ’83
Mark F. and Tammi L. Bradley
Beth R. and Robert O. Bradstreet ’59
Andrew D. ’00 and Bethany Johnson Brehm ’02
Joyce A. and Kelley J. Brennan ’64
Christine E. and Brian A. Brucken ’94
Robert M. Brucken ’56
Jack and Nancy E. Brum
Daniel C. and Evelyn Schwarz Bryant ’84
William E. and Patricia Turner Bumpus ’60
Richard A. Bunce ’75
George E. ’66 and Christine Fry Burns ’66
Patricia and Robert E. Burns ’75
Timothy W. ’06 and Valerie Tharp Byers ’04
T. Grant ’68 and Jacqueline Machan Callery ’71
Betty Jo Camp
Marianne Candido ’85
Thomas G. Carbonar ’60
Arne B. ’61 and Carolyn Osburn Carlson ’58
Jacqueline Carter ’58
Robert W. and Carol A. Chase
Joseph A. and Linda J. Chlapaty
Danielle L. Cisler ’05
Melissa Yusko Clawson ’05
Edward S. Cobb Jr. ’52
Deborah A. and Keith T. Coleman ’77
Patricia A. Collins ’69 and Edward S. Bancroft
Don P. Conkle
Kathleen M. and Michael N. Conrad ’75
Susan L. and Timothy O. Cooper ’73
Christopher Cortez ’71
Richard and Barbara Danford
Marie W. and Lawrence E. Dean ’66
Anita R. and Richard H. Dearing Jr. ’84
Barbara Kopp Del Duca ’67
Gwendolyn G. des Cognets
Jan D. Dils ’90 and Charles H. Hughes
Eric S. ’64 and Barbara Berman Dobkin ’65
William H. ’70 and Bonnie Allphin Donnelly ’91
Michael J. ’74 and Janice Downey Donoghue ’75
Lynn and Dennis A. Dronzek ’76
Robert C. Dufour ’76
Emilie and Robert R. Dyson ’68
Frederic C. ’76 and Pamela Peterson Elliott ’75
Bobbi Endicott Englert ’10
Matthew J. Englert ’08 and Bobbi Endicott Englert ’10
Margaret S. and Harry H. Esbenshade III
Mary F. and Alfred Felici ’50
George W. and Nancy G. Fenton
Katherine and Andrew D. Ferguson ’95
Kathleen A. and C. David Ferguson ’63
Robert and Ginny Ferguson
Barbara Perry Fitzgerald ’73 and Paul F. Fitzgerald
Sharon D. and J. Gary Fitzgerald ’62
Kathi P. and Daniel G. Foraker ’73
John D. Foster Jr. ’74 and Patricia McGuinness Foster ’81
Marie L. and George S. Frazza ’55 and Marie L. Frazza
Bret R. Frye
James B. ’73 and Wendy Keck Fryfogle ’75
Susan J. and Richard A. Galen ’68
Daniel J. and Renee Bailey Gallagher ’84
John N. Gardner ’65 and Betsy Barefoot
Loretta M. and Douglas L. Gernert ’91
Katherine E. Gessner ’05
Michael S. and Ruth Gilbert-Whitner ’72
Susan K. and Peter Gilgen ’78
Thomas and Martha Alexander Ginzl ’65
Judith A. and David A. Glatz ’68 
Karissa and Michael A. Gleason ’95
Evelyn M. Goebel ’84
Herbert H. II ’77 and Wendy Aspinwall Gowen ’77
Gina L. and S. Jason Gromelski ’98
Philip ’62 and Ruth Hornick Guarascio ’63
Thomas J. and Rose Sauchin Guerrieri ’62
C. Barton Gullong ’70
Robert B. Gundlach ’69 and Lydia Fell
Peter D. Gwyn ’65
Sandra R. and Aaron L. Handleman ’68
Jason Bell and Susan E. Hauck-Bell ’85
Jason J. ’97 and Susan Cook Hayes ’98
Kevin M. ’69 and Sandra Grant Henning ’67
Donald E. and Michelle Hartz Hershey ’91
Kathy and John P. Hibler ’74
Cheryl and Max W. Hillman Jr. ’69
William and Rosalind Curtis Hoagland ’69
William H. and Cheryl Ecker Hohman ’70
Louise E. and Ronald L. Holmes ’64
Adrian A. and John E. Hopkins ’65
David A. Howell ’85
Susan S. and Jeffrey C. Hugel ’77
Etta S. Frederic P. Jaakkola ’69
William R. ’76 and Tracy Gardella Jacob ’76
Carl K. ’67 and Gail Robertson Johnson ’66
Michael R. Joliat ’06 and Patrick C. Quinn ’06
Brenda F. Jones
Stephen G. ’66 and Jean Anderson Jory ’68
Kathleen H. and Rodney D. Kent ’70
Allan R. ’68 and Charlene Bartholomew-Kerze
Mary Anne Ketelsen
Cynthia A. Klingemier ’79 and Paul Sentgeorge
Elizabeth B. and Richard M. Knapp ’63
V. Erik and Sue Konsen
Thomas H. and Mary Studders Korn ’82
Mark K. ’01 and Tia Knowlton Lane ’98
John B. ’70 and Jacquelyn Pinotti Langel ’70
Gerald S. Larrick ’17
Denise Lazorik-Parman and Steven R. Parman
Sue S. and John R. Leiendecker Jr. ’71
Susan L. and Daniel T. Leonard ’85
Stephen B. Levy ’70 and Daryl Nann
Christine and John A. Lubimir ’79
Thomas F. ’57 and Patricia Bertoty Lugaric ’59
Roger and Cynthia Hahn Lupas ’74
Pam K. and Gregory P. Maloof ’67
Charles P. and M. Ann Thomas Manning ’82
Elizabeth P. and Rocco D. Manzo Jr. ’59
Michele L. Marra
Kristen A. Martin ’07
Sarah K. Mayo ’15
Catherine M. Mazza ’80
Carolyn D. and David J. McBridge ’70
David and Rosalee McCullough
Charlene K. and C. Brent McCurdy ’68
Margie and Glenn G. Mello ’74
Donald F. ’98 and Heather V. Taylor-Miesle ’99
Cecelia M. and Richard L. Miles ’69
Brian and Kathy Miller
Mark M. Miller
Terry W. Milligan ’56
Michael D. and Julie M. Milone
Jack A. and Barbara McNair Moberg ’73
James L. ’65 and Judith Gottgalf Moffitt ’65
Jamie and Michael L. Moffitt ’91
Maureen E. Morgan ’93
Anna Bock Mullins ’04
Nancy Thrift Murdock ’69
G. Michael and Kathleen Mitchell Murphy ’82
Peter F. and Meredith Quine Murphy ’85
William L. Myers Jr. ’75 and Deborah Aiken Myers ’76
Kristy Newman
Mabry M. and James H. O’Donnell III
Patrice M. and William F. O’Grady Jr. ’70
Chantel and Kevin R. O’Neill ’87/’12
Robert K. and Doris Kau Pang ’50
Lanny R. ’62 and Marion Beadel Patterson ’64
Matthew J. ’06 and Stephanie Esparza Peloquin ’06
Stephen H. and Andrea Haynes Perry ’82
Traci and Thomas D. Perry ’05
Mark R. and Ivy Petersen Pillers ’82
Anita and Marc R. Ponchione ’96
J. Roger ’66 and LaRue Scala Porter ’66
Daniel C. ’74 and Cheryl Marr Pottmeyer ’73
Michael D. ’74 and Cynthia Huck Pyles ’73
Gary A. ’68 and Joan Oxenham Pyne ’69
Cynthia Betz Reece ’78 and Eric S. Powell
Carolyn and George V. Reed ’75
David A. Reese III ’79
Clyda S. and George S. Rent ’64
Kim A. Renze Jr. ’08 and Rebecca Whitman Renze ’08
Francoise J. and Charles L. Riecker ’67
Ronald E. Rinard ’72 and Simin Shelton
Donald G. ’81 and Leslie Straub Ritter ’85
John H. and Carolanne Griffith Roberts ’69
Samuel B. Ross III ’97 and Melissa McCormick Ross ’12
Matthew H. ’07 and Marissa Barnhart Rucker ’07
William N. and Judith Ruud
Denise M. and Michael J. Salvino ’87
Charlene C. Samples ’77 and Donald E. West ’01
Linda and Herbert E. Schubert ’82
Andrew ’70 and Roberta Whitford Schwarz ’69
Jean A. Scott
Marilyn Self
Kevin R. Sexton ’92
Shirley A. and Robert E. Showalter ’59
Paulette M. Singleton ’69
Lucinda T. Spaney ’64
Michael M. Stark ’65
Glenna Granniss Stewart ’53
Roberta C. and Robert S. Stone ’70
Charles Sulerzyski and Lisa Lindsay
Kevin H. ’85 and Christine Zernick Suter ’84
Dianne Carella Swistak ’67
Wendy and James P. Tatman ’72
Charles S. Taylor ’70 and Kim Iconis
John G. Teichmoeller ’69 and Kathy Farnsworth
Paul M. ’88 and Kristi Thomas
Terry W. ’64 and Deborah L. Thomas
Neil A. ’05 and Melissa Jones Thompson ’05
Kimberly M. and Timothy B. Tirlia ’81
Ruth Tucker Bogart ’66
Ann Turner ’61
Tamara S. and Keith E. Tuten ’77
Richard C. and Sally Heckert Uhde ’63
Gay A. Vernon ’74 and John Brande
Gwen and Mark J. Vizza ’98
B. Lynn and William E. Walker ’64
Robert E. ’69 and Linda Martin Wallace ’70
Frank M. and Susan Russell Walsh ’66
Linda F and Robert H. Ward ’72
Susan Warman ’84
Dale L. ’63 and Judy Prager Wartluft ’64
Kevin P. and Fern Schmitz Watters ’86
Joanne A. and Matthew B. Weekley ’81
Craig T. and Tammi Milner Weigand ’90
Arpita and Travis N. Wells ’97
Carol S. Wharff
William R. White ’59
Sally and James H. Wilking ’59
Kenneth J. Wilkinson ’66 and Martha Aulson Wilkinson ’66
Sue and Alexander J. Williams ’65
Patricia Loreno Willis ’70
James S. Wilson ’69 and Cynthia Buck Wilson ’70
Richard S. Wilson ’66 and Susan Kaminski Wilson ’68
Beverly S. and David W. Worthington ’66
John T. and Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary ’76
Patricia A. and Barry R. Zlotin ’68
Linda and Albert L. Zoller ’79