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Leadership Advisory Board

The McDonough Center was established in February of 1986 through the adoption of a Charter by the College's Board of Trustees. This document called for an advisory committee to serve as a resource for strategic planning. Today, this committee is known as “The McDonough Leadership Advisory Board.” This advisory group is made up of the College's Chair of the Board of Trustees, the President and the Provost of the College, and at least three, but no more than eleven, outside representatives. The McDonough Leadership Board meets once a year – typically in the spring.

The McDonough Leadership Advisory Board Members

Jerry Tardivo Alcoser (Manager of Business Planning and Development, Chevron Corporation, Bakersfield, California)

Josh Barstow (Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, OpenVault LLC, Boston, Massachusetts)

Melissa Yusko Clawson (Chief Audit Executive, The Wendy’s Company, Columbus, Ohio)

George Fenton (President, Fenton Art Glass Company, Williamstown, West Virginia)

George McAfee (General Manager, Atlas Oil Company, Houston, Texas) - Advisory Board Chair

Matt Majzun (Medical Director of Quality & Patient Safety, OhioHealth Doctors Hospital, Columbus, Ohio)

Heather Olivea (Senior Program Manager, Diversity Programs, Amazon, Seattle, Washington)

Heather Taylor-Miesle (Executive Director, Ohio Environmental Council, Columbus, Ohio)

Mike Templeman (Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C.)

Ashley Wollam (Director of Leadership Development, Macy’s, Inc., New York, NY)

Faculty Advisory Committee (MFAC)

MFAC was created when the Board of Trustees adopted the Charter of the Center on February 21, 1986. It serves as a link between the College faculty and the Dean of the McDonough Center. The purpose of this committee is to add a faculty voice to the Center’s deliberations, particularly in the area of curricular review. All McDonough curricular proposals are reviewed first by MFAC before they are sent to the College’s Curriculum Committee for consideration.

MFAC is considered one of the President’s Committees. According to the McDonough Charter, the President, with the advice of the Faculty Council, annually appoints the committee, including its chair. The committee must have at least four members, but no more than seven, and they serve for a full academic year.