It is the mission of the Marietta College Staff Advisory Council to advance the overall mission of Marietta College through the acquisition, retention, and support of an excellent, fully engaged faculty and staff. We aspire to foster exceptional employee relations by advocating and recognizing excellent personal and group performance. Thus being able to identify Marietta College as an employer of choice.

Why: There is currently no formal mechanism for sharing information to and from the non-faculty ranks of Marietta College. This group represents the largest employee demographic on campus and has the most direct and indirect impact on the overall satisfaction of our students.  This key group will be used to facilitate communication regarding important Marietta College initiatives. By creating a formal group with established lines of communication up, down and across the organization, employees will feel their voices are being heard. Administration will have a central, identified group to utilize when needed for cross-campus, cross-functional, multiple level of responsibility feedback from non-faculty employees.

What: A cross-functional employee advocacy group that meets monthly to share thoughts, ideas, and recommendations about employee satisfaction and ways to recognize exceptional customer service and improvement communication with all aspects of campus. Clear lines of communication have been established with the President and Provost who support this initiative.

Who: A cabinet appointed group of approximately 15-25 employees from academic and non-academic units.  The group will be comprised of staff representing various levels within the organization.  Recommendations will be made to cabinet member in charge of respective employee area for their approval or other recommendation.

Organization: The group will be lead by the Director of Human Resources and will have an appointed group recorder to capture the discussions and outcomes of the group. The minutes will be made available via the Collaboration/Share Point site. This group will be charged with the development and implementation of an employee recognition program. Two ex-officio members from the former QST will be appointed for one year term (minimum) in order to provide a historical perspective and to share relevant information coming from the suggestion card efforts.  In addition, a member of faculty council will also serve in an ex-officio capacity as a liaison to faculty.

Inter-Group Synergy: The group leader will schedule quarterly (more frequently if needed) meetings with the chair of faculty council in order to create synergy and discuss shared initiatives and ideas. The leader of this group (or designee) should be added as a participant on the Planning Group in order to gather and share information with their constituencies.

This group is not intended to take the place of the Presidential initiatives such as  the welcoming breakfast nor should this group assume any power of policy creation and implementation.

  • We strive to exceed the service delivery expectations of students, their families, and internal and external customers. In order to accomplish this expectation, we must all perform at the highest level of competence with pride in our accomplishments. We seek to provide continuous improvement in our programs, policies, procedures, and services by carefully listening to and acting upon concerns and opportunities for improvement.
  • We aspire to play a key role in Marietta College being recognized as an employer of choice by current faculty and staff and from public recognition.
  • We will foster a culture of mutual respect, inclusiveness, innovation, and accountability.
  • We will practice open, accurate, and timely communication with faculty and staff. The questions, concerns, and opportunities identified in monthly group meetings will be facilitated to cabinet via the group leader.

Current Membership

Name Department Term Expires Committees
Joe Bergin Athletics 2019  
Myra Reich Herman FA 2019 Recorder/EE Training
Jonna Munfield Alumni 2019  
Emily Schuck Admissions 2019  
Lisa Amrine Business Office 2019 inSPIRE/ Nominations/Planning
Gillian Keeley PP-Bldg Services 2019  
Natalie Wood Student Life 2019 inSPIRE - Chair
Robin Eschbaugh Payroll 2020 Nominations
Christy Burke Education Abroad 2020  
Kelli Barnette Admissions 2020  
Tara Meagle Advancement 2020 New EE welcome - Chair
Tracey Blasius Athletics 2020 EE Training
Jason Mader PP 2020  
Andrea Euser Health & Wellness 2020  
Amanda Cech ARC 2021 Planning/EE Training - Chair
Gary Bosworth IT 2021  
Peggy Arnold SFA 2021  
Mary Herb Comm & Mkt 2021 Web Content
Wendy Thieman Athletics 2021 New EE welcome
Melissa Tornes PP 2021  
Kim Settle CPS 2021  
Debbie Wayland HR ex. Officio Chair
Jim Jeitler   ex. Officio  
Dash McNeal Athletics 2019 Nominations and vice chair