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Chi Omega is a diverse group of women with a variety of majors, interests, and campus involvements. We value the contributions that each member contributes to our organization as each unique individual has something different to bring to the table. We value friendship and sisterhood and support one another no matter what. From attending sporting events to attending presentations, we always work to show our sisters our love and support. As Chi Omegas we recognize that academics are the most important reason that we are at Marietta College and we strive for excellence in the classroom. We also believe that giving back our time to the community is one of the best ways to spend our free time. The Marietta community has given each of us so much and we believe that giving back is incredibly important. Although we all have unique interests, we all have a strong belief in our values and work hard to be the best Chi Omegas that we can be.

Faith Malone,

Chi Gamma

National Founding:
April 5, 1895 
Local Chartering:
December 29, 1923

National Website: 

Make-A-Wish Foundation 

Cardinal and Straw

Core Values:
Scholarship, Service, Friendship, Campus Involvement, and Personal Development

Instagram: ChiOmegaMC

Twitter: @ChiOmegaMC

I feel like in Chi Omega I found a home for myself. Going through recruitment as a sophomore was stressful, but the individuals in Chi Omega took me in and made me feel loved. I feel like I can unapologetically be myself. If you have your reservations about going through recruitment, just do it! Go Greek!

— Faith Malone ’24


Chi Omega's value of scholarship before social obligations matters to me because I think this does a good job of stressing that college is about education and personal growth and that this community of women understands that desire to be the best version of themselves academically. I also love how as a group, the value to be womanly always but this is not limited by "how feminine" a person is. Instead, it is translated in a way that empowers all members to feel confident and celebrated no matter how they express themselves and that all people are celebrated in Chi Omega.

— Natalie Chase ’23