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Our comprehensive three-step advising process can begin as early as the first year at Marietta College. The OEA staff members help you examine why you want to travel, how study abroad fits into your academic plan, and where in the world you would like to explore.

Step 1: PROGRAM EXPLORATION: When you’ve made a Step 1 advising appointment, the OEA staff will send you a Study Abroad Questionnaire. We reference your feedback to review some initial program options based on your personal and academic interests. You have an opportunity to browse materials in our reference area and take information with you at the end of the appointment.

After you’ve met with the OEA staff and have begun to explore your options, we encourage you to narrow down your options to 2-3 programs that meet your needs. It is encouraged during this time that you meet with the Financial Aid office to review your financial aid package. Additionally, students work closely with their academic advisor to review possible courses that are major/minor specific and satisfy general education requirements.

Step 2: PROGRAM CONFIRMATION: Looks at available housing options (homestay, residence hall or apartment living), the academic outline and courses available, program location and cost of living in that city/country. Students who have not decided on a specific program will work with OEA staff to review and compare individual program outlines. Prior to Step 3, the student will select a program and begin the application process.

Throughout the advising process, the OEA staff is here to guide you on the application and acceptance process. Upon completion of your application, your program provider will notify you of an official acceptance. This is when you would make an appointment for Step 3.

Step 3: PROGRAM APPROVAL/ACCEPTANCE: Is designed to help you discuss course approvals—where to go for signatures, forms needed/required for off-campus study clearance, and guidance on the next steps in your post-acceptance process.

At the end of each semester, the OEA provides a comprehensive Pre-departure Orientation for all students studying abroad in the subsequent term. This orientation provides key information on health, safety, and adjustment to a new culture as well as practical tips on budgeting, packing and lessons learned from past Pioneer travelers.

If you are interested in learning more about Study Abroad at Marietta College, please notify the Admissions Office.