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Pre-departure Advising

The Office of Education Abroad has a comprehensive advising system that helps students explore their study abroad options and to select a program that best fits with their academic and personal goals. Upon acceptance into a study abroad program, students will attend a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation at the end of the semester that covers key topics including health and safety, cultural adjustment, travel logistics, academic preparation and advice from past study abroad students.

In addition to the advising, the OEA encourages students to enroll in the COLL 350: Study Abroad Preparation course the semester before they depart. See below for a full course description. COLL 350—Study Abroad Preparation is a 1.5 credit course, offered the semester before a student travels internationally. The course introduces students to the concept of culture learning, cross-cultural communication and values of their host country. On a practical level student identify personal and academic goals for studying abroad, address logistical issues of program selection and skills they can acquire to adjust to living overseas.

Resources for Travelers

Health and Safety


Resources from Past Pioneer Travelers



Preparing to Return

In many cases, the adjustment back to Marietta College is more challenging than the study abroad travel. Click to read fellow Pioneers’ advice for the reentry process.

Because cultural adjustment back to Marietta College from abroad varies for each student, the OEA created the Global Gateways program so returning study abroad students can reflect and present on their learning experience. Each Global Gateways program provides students with a forum to discuss their experience, the adjustments required in a new academic setting and a brief overview of their host culture. Global Gateways occurs both semesters. Contact the OEA,, if you are interested in presenting at a Global Gateways program.

The OEA staff encourages returning students to enroll in the COLL 450: Study Abroad Reflection course upon return to campus. This course provides students with an open environment to discuss freely their readjustment process successes and challenges. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the cultural learning and how to translate and condense key aspects and learned skills of a study abroad experience onto a résumé, graduate school application or for a job interview.

COLL 450—Study Abroad Reflection is the companion 1.5 credit course for students who have completed a study abroad experiences. This course examines foundational and theoretical concepts associated with reentry and reverses culture shock. Students reflect on their entire experience, what they learned, what skills were acquired and how this experience applies to their future career path and/or educational goals post-Marietta College.