Upcoming Workshops:

  • Unheralded Women's Speaker Series
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Presented by Dr. Alexandra Perry, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies and Ethics. 
    Monday, February 20, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. in McDonough Auditorium
    (45 min presentation; 10 min Q & A).

Some recent workshop topics include:

  • Teaching Naked (with keynote speaker Jose Bowen)
    Engaging students in learning outside the classroom to free up classroom time for in-depth learning
  • What the Tech?
    Technology tools available for Marietta College teachers
  • The Professor's Persona
    Brushing up classroom performance through teacher immediacy skills
  • The $64,000 Question
    Using questions effectively to promote learning both inside and outside the classroom
  • The Developmental Classroom
    Enhancing engagement of at-risk students in the college classroom

For a full schedule of workshops and an opportunity to reserve space, visit the Worthington Center's Workshop Sharepoint Page.