Be small, think big. 

What sets the Art Department at Marietta College apart is the individual attention we afford students and the professional training we provide to prepare the innovators and creative thinkers of tomorrow. 

In a supportive and innovative department that stays small, but thinks big, the possibilities are endless. 

Marietta College’s Art Program encourages students to hone their artistic edge and expand their knowledge and interest in a variety of mediums. Artists and Designers at Marietta have access to several different types of studios, ranging from computer labs for graphic design to a painting studio. Students also have opportunities to showcase their artistry in the Atrium Gallery, students get inspired daily by work in the professional gallery space, gallery310 and they get to showcase their hard work and to the campus community at the annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, the Senior Capstone Exhibition, as well as during All Scholars Day.

Class sizes are small to ensure that:

  • Students work closely with faculty to tailor their special interests to projects, research, internships and programs of study.
  • Students find their cohorts, form tight bonds with each other and encourage peer learning.
  • Faculty advisors closely mentor students, addressing their specific needs.