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Marietta College will host a series of events for Media Literacy Week from October 23-27 to highlight the importance of media literacy and equip students with critical thinking skills. Jillian Dosky ’24 (Columbus, Ohio), who is majoring in Communication, is organizing the event through Fifth Street Consulting.

Media Literacy Week is an annual initiative organized by the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) to call attention to media literacy education across the country. This year's theme focuses on the core media literacy framework of Access, Analyze, Evaluate, Create, and Act.

Marietta College has planned the following events for students:

Monday, October 23: Media Literacy Week ACCESS - Students can learn more about media literacy and take away resources on accessing relevant information at an info table event. 

Tuesday, October 24: Media Literacy Week ANALYZE - A Pizza and Info Luncheon will feature two guest speakers — Ann Stephens ’88 (Senior Marketing Manager and Team Lead for Consumer Marketing at Nationwide Children’s Hospital) and Lynn Dosky (Managing Editor, Consumer/Patient Content Marketing & Public Relations Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital) — discussing analyzing media and its importance for students.

Wednesday, October 25: Media Literacy Week EVALUATE - Students can play "Clickbait the Game" and learn to identify credible vs misleading news sources.

Thursday, October 26: Media Literacy Week CREATE - The Clickbait Game continues to develop evaluative skills.

Friday, October 27: Media Literacy Week ACT - Students make "word bubble" pledges on media literacy action steps and receive candy treats.

“Media literacy is essential for students to navigate today’s complex media landscape,” said Jillian Dosky. “By developing these critical thinking skills, students become empowered consumers and creators of media.”