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Students hear about writing better

For college students, the résumé is often the first impression they will make on potential employers. Get it right, and you’re one step closer to your dream job. Get it wrong, and your carefully crafted résumé could end up in the recycling bin without a second glance.

That’s why, on Tuesday, April 16, 15 Marietta College students took advantage of a workshop titled “Do’s and Don’ts of Résumé Writing.” Hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (CECD), the laid-back, interactive session provided insider knowledge from presenter Bill Wilkinson, owner of Mid-Ohio Valley Employment (MOVE).

Through real-life examples of common pitfalls, Wilkinson showed students which mistakes could quickly relegate their résumé to the rejection pile — whether virtual or the old-fashioned paper kind. But more importantly, he shared best practices for crafting a résumé that will catch a hiring manager’s eye and separate students from the competition.

The students in attendance left with an enhanced understanding of what companies are really looking for on a résumé. For many, it was an eye-opening experience that will pay dividends as they take their next steps after Marietta.

“I’ve worked so hard over the past four years, but I never really knew how to showcase that hard work on my résumé properly,” said Chase Franklin ’24 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), majoring in Educational Studies. “Now I feel like my résumé will accurately reflect my skills and experiences — which is huge as I start applying for jobs.”

By connecting students with knowledgeable professionals like Wilkinson, Marietta continues its tradition of providing a world-class liberal arts education that fully prepares graduates for life after college. This dedication to holistic student development gives Marietta students a true competitive advantage as they pursue their dreams.