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Tyler Salanitro shoutcasting esports

Though Tyler Salanitro '24 (Hope Mills, North Carolina) was originally recruited to Marietta College to play esports, he has used his talent and understanding of gaming and his academic studies to create a new opportunity: shoutcasting.

Salanitro, a Journalism/Broadcasting major, was invited to be an in-game commentator during the Great Lakes Esports Conference Finals earlier this month. Shoutcasters provide color commentary during live esports events.

"I fortunately got to cast one Quarterfinals match between Valparaiso University as well as Tiffin University," Salanitro said. "I was also informed that I was going to be commentating the finals match that took place on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. between Ohio Northern University and Manchester University, to which, after some close battles, ONU came out on top."

Salanitro has competed for the College's Overwatch, League of Legends, and Valorant teams and was the first recipient of the esports scholarship at Marietta. Esports became a co-ed varsity sport in 2022 after being introduced as a club sport in 2018. Marietta's teams compete in the Esports Arena, located in The Gathering Place.

Dr. Matt Williamson, Director of Esports and Associate Professor of Computer Science, said Salanitro's opportunity to be a commentator during the GLEC playoffs and finals shows some of the possible experiences and professions that current and future players can have outside of competing.

Williamson put Salanitro in contact with Justin Kogge, who oversaw the production staff during the playoffs. Kogge added Salanitro to the casting staff for the weekend.

In addition to playing for Marietta's esports team, Salanitro also broadcasts games, serves on the WCMO-TV media production crew, has written for The Marcolian, and is the Vice President of Philanthropy and Service and Alumni Relations for Alpha Sigma Phi.

"This was my first ever in-person event commentating for esports, and I had the time of my life doing it," Salanitro said. "I met some great people and players and worked out some potential future career options for events at The Game Arena. If it were not for my broadcasting experience gained here at Marietta College, and the esports teams and staff I have been a part of, I would not have gotten this opportunity. I hope to one day take this experience and further propel it into a career commentating for esports."