Mentor Grants

2020–2021 Academic Year Update:

No Mentor Grants will be granted due to travel restrictions.

  • Mentor Grants provide funds to help faculty members accompany students to conferences or competitions where the faculty member is not usually a direct participant in the conference—accompanying students should be the primary goal.
  • Mentor Grants will reimburse the faculty member's travel, conference fees, and hotel expenses within certain limits.

Funding Limits

  • Each faculty member is eligible for up to $1,500 Mentor Grant Funding per event. Funding limits are subject to available funding.
  • If the conference is a professional development experience for the faculty member, instructors are encouraged to seek funding for a Mini-Grant prior to applying for the Mentor Grant.

Funding Eligibility

Funding possibilities for Mentor Grants include:

  • Travel expenses to accompany students to a conference, academic-sponsored trip, workshop or training program.
  • The primary goal of the attendance of the event should be to accompany students. If it seems that the main goal is participating at the event (presenting, part of panel), the faculty member should apply for a Mini-Grant since it is professional development.
  • Expenses for exhibition booth fees and presentation materials are not covered.


  • Once a faculty member is awarded a Mentor Grant by the FDC Committee, they will receive a letter outlining the total grant amount.
  • The Mentor Grant Recipient needs to follow these steps to receive reimbursement:
    • Print a copy of FDC Mentor Grant Award Letter
    • Fill out and Print a MC Expense Form (on Document Depot)
    • Provide these two (2) documents and all appropriate receipts to the Provost Office Administrative Assistant for reimbursement.


See Application Deadlines of Faculty Development Committee Home page

Mentor Grant Application Form

There are multiple rounds/deadlines for Mentor Grants, the applicant will automatically be considered for a the upcoming Mini-Grant/Mentor Grant deadline.

(List the amount already funded)
Activity Information
(if applicable)
Including Number of MC Students Presenting or Competing
*Marietta College have negotiated discounts with Car Rental companies. See note below.
Additional Expensis
Keep your receipts!
calculated at $40 per day
Total Estimated Costs
– $
– $
Add total of expenses and subtract Department and Other Grant funding

*Marietta College have negotiated discounts with Car Rental companies. Please visit the Faculty Development Homepage to view instructions for using the discounts.

If an applicant would like to supply additional materials, they may do so by emailing them to