Faculty Development programs are designed to help strengthen faculty members' disciplinary ties by supporting projects in the "scholarship of discovery" (research) and the "scholarship of teaching" (ways to transmit knowledge and excite future scholars). The projects should benefit the faculty member and support the college's core values.

2020–2021 Committee Members

Sara Rosenstock (chair)
Charles Doan
Jay Dougherty
Cathy Mowrer
Paul Paslay
Jon VanderWal
Matthew Williamson

Faculty Development Deadlines

Deadlines are at Midnight on the dates indicated:

  • October 16, 2020: Mini-Grants/Mentor Grants, Round 1
  • October 16, 2020: Sabbaticals
  • December 4, 2020: Research Award and Innovative Teaching Award
  • January 29, 2021: Mini-Grants/Mentor Grants, Round 2
  • January 29, 2021: PIO-Grants (Professional Improvement Opportunity
  • April 9, 2021: Mini-Grants/Mentor Grants, Round 3

Faculty Forum

Faculty Forum will not be scheduled during the 2020–2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and concerns over large gatherings. However, the committee will be exploring alternative ways to celebrate faculty scholarship—announcements will come soon!

Faculty Forum is a celebration of the scholarship completed by our colleagues—it is a chance for them to share their excitement about their discipline and for the audience to learn more about other disciplines in a fun and approachable way.

Travel Policy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are restrictions on faculty and staff travel.

Please refer to the Marietta College Travel Policy for guidelines.

Car Rental

Marietta College has negotiated competitive rates for renting cars through these companies, please use these Car Rental companies to ensure that you get the best rate and service.

  • Enterprise (for rentals based out of Non-Airport Locations)
    Discount Code: XZ68275
  • National Car Rental  (for rentals based out of Airport Locations)
    Account Number: XZ68275