At Marietta College, we value research for several reasons. Through research, we create knowledge, thereby increasing our basic understanding of ourselves, society, and the world around us. Second, we are committed to research as a means of increasing the critical thinking skills of our students by giving them firsthand experience of how knowledge is created. Finally, through collaborative research, students and faculty members build the bonds of mutual endeavor and exploration that characterize our community of learners. For all of those reasons, it is important not only that we support research by students and faculty, but that we uphold the highest ethical standards in that research.

Human subjects render a very important service to our students and faculty and the quest for knowledge when they agree to participate in our research projects. Marietta College is grateful for their help and committed to ensuring that they are treated fairly and ethically and that the College upholds federal, state and local regulations for human subjects. We expect every researcher to adhere to the highest ethical standards to safeguard the integrity of the mission and reputation of Marietta College and the individual researcher and the dignity of our human subjects.

All research (including surveys) involving human subjects must be reviewed by the Human Subjects Committee (HSC) before any contact with human subjects occurs. Failure to receive prior approval is a serious violation of research ethics.

The duty of the HSC is to protect the welfare of subjects participating in projects and to ensure that research is conducted in an ethical and responsible manner. The purpose of this review process is not to judge the scientific legitimacy of the project design; however, the scholarly and educational outcomes of the research must be considered in balance with the risks to participants.

Anyone submitting a proposal must have completed the ethics course for research with human participants. You can contact Dr. Mary Barnas ( for instructions to be added to this Canvas course.

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