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The Institute for Learning in Retirement is a community-based organization whose goal is to encourage life-long learning for persons in retirement from every walk of life. It is administered under the auspices of the Marietta College Department of Continuing Education. At its heart is an academic program of courses designed by its members to suit their interests and taught by knowledgeable instructors. Classes take place at various locations on the Marietta College campus or in the community. Courses encourage study and discussion but require no assignments, nor tests, nor writing of papers. They are simply for the enjoyment of learning.

Organized by local citizens, the Institute offered its first non-credit courses of cultural interest in the Spring of 1992 with two two-week courses. Over the years, the scope of the courses broadened to include such diverse subjects as river lore, genealogy, forestry, applied art, the world of opera, literature, science, and many more. When enough interest in a particular subject was expressed by members, then an authority in that field, usually a college professor or other professional, was sought to teach it. On occasion, a course was enhanced by day or overnight trips to museums or theaters in nearby cities, or field trips to strip mines and river locks and dams. Since its origins ILR has involved hundreds of individuals, many of whom return time and time again, creating friendships and enjoying the opportunity to learn new things.

Over the years, the program offered by the Institute has grown. At present, ILR offers three eight-week sessions each year: fall, winter, and spring. Four or five courses are offered each session. The courses range from such hands-on subjects as calligraphy to subjects like Latin, from birdwatching to music and art history, from geology to Shakespeare. You may take as many courses as you wish in any session. The cost is $30 for eight-week courses and $20 for four-week courses.

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