Would you like the opportunity to nominate a staff member that has…

  • Gone above and beyond the call of duty?
  • Helped you on a project?
  • Helped a student, co-worker, or member of the public while on campus?
  • Demonstrated outstanding customer service?

If so, the MCSAC Employee Recognition sub-committee wants to know!

Based on your nominations, one staff member each month will be eligible for recognition of exceptional or inspiring service and will be selected as the recipient of the inSPIRE Staff Recognition Award.

Winners will be chosen on merit and not on the number of nominations received. If your nominee doesn’t win this month, they will be considered for an award in coming months. The staff member selected will receive:

  • a certificate
  • a thermal tumbler
  • a MC t-shirt
  • one free lunch at Gilman
  • a reserved parking space close to their office
  • a feature on the Marietta College website

Nominations will be reviewed the Monday prior to the monthly MCSAC meeting (the third Thursday of every month) and a winner will be identified. The winner, their supervisor and Vice President/Cabinet member will be invited to the MCSAC meeting for the presentation of the award.

At the conclusion of the academic year, each monthly nominee will be eligible to receive the annual inSPIRE Staff Recognition Award. The award recipient will be made by random selection. The prize for winning the annual inSPIRE award is an extra personal day off with pay! Check out our previous winners!

Please complete the information below. Recipients will be recognized at the monthly meeting of MCSAC.