Joey Bradley,
Vice President:
Michael Doran,
Administration & Finance:
Isaac Lohr,
Community Development:
Tom Kimmins,
Ross Keller,
Public Relations:
Patrick Taylor,


The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the local governing body of the four social fraternities on campus that are members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). This council aids in the growth and development of each fraternity and sponsors events to promote the inter-fraternal spirit, such as intramural competitions. IFC is also responsible for coordinating men's formal recruitment in both the fall and spring semesters. The council consists of seven Executive Board members as well as two delegates from each of the four fraternities.

Preamble to the Constitution of IFC

We, the fraternities of Marietta College, in order to create the means for a representative form of self-government, aid in the growth and development of each fraternity, maintain good relations with the college and the Marietta community, sustain an atmosphere of goodwill and harmony under which each group may effectively function and provide a medium of communication and cooperation between fraternities, do hereby establish this constitution of the Marietta college inter-fraternity council. The inter-fraternity council, as set forth in this constitution and bylaws, establishes governing rules, regulations and policies to achieve its end in the betterment of the fraternal system at Marietta College.