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Where do I get information about applying to Marietta College?

Consult the admission web page.

Why would I make an appointment with an Office of Education Abroad staff member?

The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) staff members are here to help international students with understanding immigration regulations, document maintenance and updating paperwork and assisting with academic concerns. Our online appointment system allows you to easily request a meeting time that works with your schedule.

Can I work as an international student?

Yes, please visit the employment section of the website for more details.

When do I need to update my immigration documents?

You need to update your I-20 if you change your major, extend or shorten your graduation date, need to request a reduced course load, are applying for CPT or OPT or intend to transfer to another school.

What is plagiarism in the United States? 

Plagiarism is a very important topic for international students. In the U.S., students are not expected to work together on assignments unless the professor specifically tells them to work in groups. A student is expected to work alone on exams, homework and papers. A student who copies answers from another student or allows another student to write an assignment or exam for him is guilty of cheating.

In the U.S., it is necessary to give credit (cite) all sources of information in your written work. If a student gets some information from the internet or a book, he or she must list details of that source in his paper.

If any phrases or sentences are used directly from the source, then there must be quotation marks around those words, and the source must be stated. If a student uses other sources of information and does not identify the source, then it is called plagiarism.

A student may get a failing grade on an assignment or a failing grade in a course if caught cheating or plagiarizing someone else's work. Students have even been expelled from Marietta College for repeated cases of plagiarism.

Tip: Students are encouraged to seek assistance in their academic assignments from the Academic Resource Center (Andrews Hall, 3rd floor) and the campus Writing Center (Thomas Hall, 2nd floor).

What is a liberal arts education? 

One of the College's Seven Core Values embraces the concept of liberal arts education. As a contemporary liberal arts college, Marietta reaffirms a liberal arts foundation as essential preparation for any career. Students will take a breadth of general education courses in the major areas of knowledge within the ever-changing liberal arts. This approach to teaching and learning stresses the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills.

What is an academic advisor? 

An academic advisor is a professor who works with you throughout your education at Marietta College. The academic advisor assists the student with registration of classes and other aspects of academic advising.

Prior to the third semester, the student is encouraged to select an advisor from their major field of study. Should you wish to change your academic advisor, you must follow the procedures as indicated in the Records Office and the Marietta College Undergraduate Program Catalog which can be found here.