The McDonough Center offers several options for those who would like to participate in the McDonough Leadership Program. Students can pursue a major in Global Leadership Studies, a certificate or minor in Leadership Studies, a Teacher Leadership Certificate, or an Engineering Leadership Certificate. We accept students from any field of study who are committed to pursuing a rewarding leadership development program.

The McDonough Leadership Program uses a cohort model; that is, it selects a group of students who stay together throughout the two to four years that it takes to complete one of the five tracks. McDonough Scholars are selected from Marietta College's incoming freshman class every year through a separate application process. Once students are accepted to Marietta College, they are eligible to apply to the leadership program. If accepted, they then become part of that year's cohort. These students take the core and practicum leadership courses together until they graduate from Marietta College.

Check out our five leadership academic tracks that you can pursue as a McDonough Scholar at Marietta College: