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The Teacher Leadership Certificate requires successful application and acceptance into the McDonough Leadership Program and participation in the EXCEL Workshop (the orientation event for incoming McDonough Scholars).
Requirements for a Teacher Leadership Certificate
Student Success
of alumni state they are pleased with their decision to attend Marietta College and would make the same choice again
of Marietta College graduates are either employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation
A Marietta College Education instructor works with a student
A Marietta College Education Major plays with adolescent education students
A Marietta College Education instructor works with a student
A Marietta College Education major walks into a classroom with a professor

What You’ll Learn While Earning A Teacher Leadership Certificate

The College sees the need for classroom teachers to act as change agents and effective collaborators in their schools. 


Teachers are Influencers

Other skills for the teacher leader include problem-solving, facilitation and deliberation, active listening, research, and modeling. Leadership instruction in education has traditionally focused on preparation to be an administrator. Teacher leaders seek ways to influence teaching and learning without leaving the classroom for administrative roles.

McDonough Leadership

These teacher leaders influence others through both formal roles, such as department chair or heads of committees, or through informal roles, such as mentors. The certificate, developed collaboratively by the McDonough Leadership Program and the Education Department, is for McDonough Scholars who are also pursuing an Education degree at Marietta College.

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More Problem-solving Info

The McDonough Center for Leadership & Business helps students gain a deeper understanding of leadership, practice their leadership skills, and in the process, grow as engaged leaders on campus, in the local community, and beyond.

Outcomes — Field Placements
  • Marietta City Schools
  • Wood County Schools
  • Warren Local School District
  • Fort Frye Local School District
Outcomes — Professions
  • Teach for America — Spanish (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • West Fargo Public Schools — Social Studies (Fargo, North Dakota)
  • Chelsea Public Schools — Assistant Principal (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Marietta High School — English (Marietta, Ohio)
Outcomes — Graduate Programs
  • Ohio Dominican University
  • Florida State University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Harvard University
Learning Outcomes

The McDonough Leadership Program is structured around three pillars: Knowledge (expanded knowledge of leadership concepts, theories, and models); Action (expanded leadership skills through guided experiential opportunities — critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, oral communication); and Growth (the attainment of "Leadership Wisdom" through reflection, coaching, and mentoring).

Bring Forth A Pioneer
Department Faculty & Staff


Is there a separate application to the McDonough Leadership Program?

To pursue the Teacher Leadership Certificate, you must also apply to the McDonough Leadership Program. Contact your admission counselor to learn more.

What makes Marietta's Teacher Leadership program stand out?

Marietta's program is the only liberal arts Teacher Leadership Program in the nation for undergraduates and it is housed in the prestigious McDonough Leadership Program.

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