The Teacher Leadership Certificate (TLC) strengthens our ability to fulfill the goals of our teacher education conceptual framework, which focuses on creating educators as leaders for 21st century schools. The College sees the need for classroom teachers to act as change agents and effective collaborators in their schools. Other skills for the teacher leader include problem solving, facilitation and deliberation, active listening, research and modeling. Leadership instruction in education has traditionally focused on preparation to be an administrator. Teacher leaders seek ways to influence teaching and learning without leaving the classroom for administrative roles. These teacher leaders influence others through both formal roles, such as department chair or heads of committees, or through informal roles, such as mentors. The certificate, developed collaboratively by the McDonough Leadership Program and the Education Department, is for McDonough Scholars who are also pursuing an Education degree at Marietta College.

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Requirements for the TLC

Successful Application and Acceptance into the McDonough Leadership Program
Participation in the EXCEL Workshop (the orientation event for incoming McDonough Scholars)


LEAD 101 (Foundations of Leadership)
LEAD 103 (Organizational Leadership)
LEAD 140 (Leadership Practicum I)
LEAD 210 (From Teacher to Leader)

EDUC 110 (Principles of Education)
EDUC 253 (Diverse Learners)

Educational Field Experience (Education Majors)

Philosophy of Education Statement (Education Majors)

Portfolio (Education Majors)

Service-Learning: 25 hours of approved community service.

Learning Outcomes:

The McDonough Leadership Program is structured around three pillars: Knowledge (expanded knowledge of leadership concepts, theories, and models); Action (expanded leadership skills through guided experiential opportunities -- critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, oral communication); and Growth (the attainment of "Leadership Wisdom" through reflection, coaching, and mentoring).

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