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Additional Admission Evaluation Criteria – not required but beneficial

  • Applicant’s commitment to providing care in Ohio and/or the Appalachian region.
  • Applicant’s healthcare hours (paid and/or voluntary).
  • Demonstrate work ethic, leadership, and extracurricular components by detailing exposure to and/or work within a health care system (paid or unpaid) as well as other outside employment, research, and/or volunteer or community outreach enrichment, Veteran status, or Master’s degree you have obtained.

Vaccine Policy

Starting with the Class of 2024 (June 1, 2022), Marietta College will require that all students in the Physician Assistant, Psychology, and Athletic Training graduate programs be vaccinated, including the COVID 19 vaccine.

Read the vaccine policy

Marietta College Students 

  • Special consideration will be given to Marietta College students meeting the criteria for a “Guaranteed Interview” and to Marietta College alumni who meet all other admission requirements.
  • Limited seats in the Program will be reserved for high school students entering Marietta College and meeting and completing the rigorous standards each April, prior to the CASPA cycle opening for the cohort in which they will matriculate as outlined in the "Physician Assistant Direct Admit Pathway".

Come visit the program

We welcome individuals who are interested in visiting the facility and speaking with our program director, to schedule a visit by contacting the Admission Coordinator at or 740.376.4458.