Bo Winegard

Assistant Professor
Ph.D.-Psychology, Florida State University (2018); MS-Psychology, Florida State University (2015); BS-Psychology, Grand Valley State University (2011)
Year Appointed
Fall 2019
  • Perspective on Human Nature
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Behavioral Genetics
Spring 2020
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Special Topics in Psychology


Bo Winegard hails from the small town of Greenville, Michigan. Early in life, he became attracted to film, literature, and philosophy. Later in life, he decided that psychology best allowed him to integrate those interests in a scientific discipline. He generally approaches psychological puzzles from an evolutionary perspective, applying Darwin's theory of natural selection to the human mind. Interested in almost everything, he tries nevertheless to focus on status, group differences, individual differences, bias, methods, and political psychology. In his free time, he watches films, a little baseball, walks his dog, and reads history books.