The Physical Plant provides maintenance, repair, and construction services for the operation of facilities, grounds, utility services, and other related functions that support the academic, administrative, residential, and recreational areas of Marietta College. Its staff maintains and repairs campus facilities and grounds in an efficient and economical manner, promoting a safe, clean, aesthetically pleasing campus environment, in continuous support of Marietta College's students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Department Areas within the Physical Plant include:

  • Building Services
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Fleet Transportation
  • Grounds Services
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Locksmith
  • Plumbing
  • Recycling
  • Telecommunications

Maintenance (Work Order) Requests & Building Coordinators

Building Coordinators have been assigned to each Academic, Administrative, and Residence Hall building to act as a primary point of contact. Building Coordinators also serve as a liaison to the Physical Plant for routine, emergency, and construction, Maintenance (Work Order) Requests.


To REPORT an Academic and Administrative Maintenance (Work Order) Request, you may either Contact your Building Coordinator or submit a work request by Clicking Here.

To REPORT an Emergency Maintenance (Work) Request (i.e. loss of electricity, no heat, water leaks, or situations that impact the safety and security of the occupants and the building) contact the Physical Plant at (740) 376-4790 Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours, contact Marietta College Police Department at (740) 376-3333.

Academic & Administrative Building Coordinators:

Building Name   Phone
Admission House Mary Pennock   (740) 376-4600
Andrews Hall Amanda Haney-Cech   (740) 376-4837
Bartlett Hall Andrea Richardson   (740) 376-4750
Brown Petroleum Sue Hiser   (740) 376-4775
Career Center Melissa Gandor   (740) 376-4645
College Police Kim Settle   (740) 376-4611
Don Drumm Stadium Alan Estep   (740) 376-4441
Dyson-Baudo Recreation Center Dash McNeal   (740) 376-3243
Erwin Hall Jane Eakle   (740) 376-4794
Gathering Place Elliot Dodd   (740) 376-4527
Gilman Dining Services Michelle Schilling   (740) 376-4786
Hermann Fine Arts Center Myra Reich   (740) 376-4696
Irvine Administration Nancy Schwendeman   (740) 376-4718
Legacy Library Doug Anderson   (740) 376-4758
Mailroom Linda Adelson   (740) 376-4617
McDonough Center Tracey Wynn   (740) 376-4624
McKinney Media Myra Reich   (740) 376-4802
Mills Hall (Psychology) Jena Blair   (740) 376-4974
Mills Hall (Communication) Joyce Pennington   (740) 376-4802
Physician Assistant Bldg Donna Venham   (740) 376-4458
Planetarium, Anderson Hancock Andrea Richardson   (740) 376-4750
Rickey Science Andrea Richardson   (740) 376-4750
Selby Hall Andrea Richardson   (740) 376-4750
Thomas Hall (English) Kristen Thompson   (740) 376-4647
Thomas Hall (B&E) Christy Hendershot   (740) 376-4633


Student Residence Halls

To REPORT a Residence Hall Maintenance (Work Order) Requests, submit a work request by Clicking Here.

To Report an Emergency Maintenance (Work) Requests (i.e. loss of electricity, no heat, water leaks, or situations that impact the safety and security of the occupants and the building) contact the Physical Plant at (740)376-4790 Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours, contact Marietta College Police Department at (740) 376-3333.

Office of Community Living: Assistant Directors

Residence Hall Assistant Director Phone
A&H House Katie Simms (740) 376-4532
Dorothy Webster Tony Sampson (740) 376-4842
DTD House Katie Simms (740) 376-4532
Elsie Newton Tony Sampson (740) 376-4842
Fayerweather Hall Katie Simms (740) 376-4532
Harmar House Katie Simms (740) 376-4532
Harrison Hall Katie Evans (740) 376-3484
Hopewell House Katie Simms (740) 376-4532
Marietta Hall Tony Sampson (740) 376-4842
Mary Beach Tony Sampson (740) 376-4842
McCoy Hall Katie Evans (740) 376-3484
Pioneer House Katie Simms (740) 376-4532
Russell Hall Tony Sampson (740) 376-4842


Emergency After-Hours Procedures

After normal business hours emergencies contact Marietta College Police Department at (740) 376-3333.

In the event of an after-hours emergency requiring the response of the Physical Plant, the following procedures are in effect:

  1. Definition of an EMERGENCY requiring an after-hours response: hazard with potential for injury; corrective action required to minimize damage to facilities, equipment, or property; loss of critical electrical, water or sanitary service; a hazard to the health of personnel. Loss of a single shower, toilet, or sink where alternative facilities are available or loss of heat when temperatures are above 60F is not normally an emergency.
  2. Only recall personnel for true emergencies that can not wait until the next working day. For the safety of our personnel, it is preferable that emergency work is performed during daylight hours if at all practical.
  3. Only Marietta College Police Department (MCPD) shall initiate after hours recalls. Recalled personnel shall check in and check out with MCPD.
  4. Only MCPD, Faculty, Staff, and Assistant Directors may initiate after hours recalls via MCPD.
  5. MCPD may directly call the trade or staff best able to address the emergency. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) duty personnel are on call by pager primary) and cell phone (secondary) if the required trade cannot be contacted. If unable to contact the tradesman or HVAC, contact the Associate Director, Director, or Assistant Director in that order.
  6. Physical Plant personnel responding to the emergency shall check in with MCPD, address the emergency and restore service if possible, ask MCPD to call the Office of Community Living staff member on duty so that the Physical Plant personnel can report repair status directly to the Office of Community Living. If service can not be restored, the Physical Plant personnel shall call the Physical Plant Associate Director, Director or Assistant Director.
  7. If snow or ice accumulate to the point that conditions are unsafe, MCPD shall call Supervisor of Grounds who shall recall appropriate personnel. If Supervisor of Grounds is unavailable, then either the Director or Associate Director. Generally speaking, if the actual or forecasted accumulation is two inches by early morning then snow removal will start at 4:00 am. For more significant accumulation after normal working hours, snow removal will start when approximately two inches have accumulated.


Event Setup

Complete the request form and mail or fax to (740) 376-4409, Physical Plant, attention Cindy Nutter at least five business days prior to the event.

  • We recommend you follow-up with a confirming phone call.
  • Events are supported on a first-come-first-serve basis. The requesting department must make the facility reservations.
  • At this time the college has a limited supply of tables and folding chairs. If the tables and chairs are in use by others, then the requesting department will have to arrange for and pay for rentals; Physical Plant will assist with determining the rental quantities, drop-off, and pick-up locations.
  • Any help that groups can provide with set-up and tear down will be appreciated.

Key Requests

Department chairs and directors can authorize most key requests. For more information contact the Physical Plant Office at (740) 376-4790. Key Control Policies and Forms are available below:

  1. Key Control Program Manual and Policies
  2. Key Request Form

Vehicle Reservations

To reserve a vehicle or for more information, contact the Physical Plant Office at (740) 376-4790. Vehicle Policy and other Forms are available below:

  1. Vehicle Policy
  2. Vehicle Request Form
  3. Procedures for MVR
  4. Driver's Check MVR Form
  5. Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  6. Vehicle Rental Agency Update
  7. Travel Manifest