The field of computer science is expanding — and there’s no end in sight. The demand for knowledgeable professionals is also growing.

What makes a Marietta College graduate stand out among others is that each student gains an in-depth knowledge of computer science, but also completes a rigorous general education curriculum rooted in the liberal arts — which enables them to communicate effectively, think critically and take on leadership roles.

Computer Science skills are utilized in almost every field — whether you’re a historian data mining ancient text or a museum curator analyzing works of art or developing the software to make self-driving cars a reality. A Marietta College education gives graduates the tools that are necessary to progress their chosen fields.

Students learn from talented professors who are dedicated to teaching. Faculty challenge students with real-world projects and help connect them with professional internships to gain an understanding of what types of career paths are available today — and endless possibilities of what the technology industry will look like in the future.