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Marietta's Computer Science program is for students who are driven to explore new frontiers in technology and blaze new trails in this ever-expanding field

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Artemii Stepanets, a Marietta College student, leans against a brick wall


Artemii Stepanets '23

Interaction with alumni led Artemii Stepanets to his dream internship with Adobe.

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The field of computer science is expanding — and there’s no end in sight. The demand for knowledgeable professionals is also growing.

What makes a Marietta College graduate stand out among others is that each student gains an in-depth knowledge of computer science, but also completes a rigorous general education curriculum rooted in the liberal arts — which enables them to communicate effectively, think critically and take on leadership roles.

Computer Science skills are utilized in almost every field — whether you’re a historian data mining ancient text or a museum curator analyzing works of art or developing the software to make self-driving cars a reality. A Marietta College education gives graduates the tools that are necessary to progress their chosen fields.

Students learn from talented professors who are dedicated to teaching. Faculty challenge students with real-world projects and help connect them with professional internships to gain an understanding of what types of career paths are available today — and endless possibilities of what the technology industry will look like in the future.

The Computer Science Program

At Marietta College

Our program focuses on delivering a well-rounded education so students are proficient in analyzing complex problems and applying principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions.

With this liberal arts-approach to education, our students become fluid thinkers who are able to acquire new knowledge in computer science, continue to progress in their careers and become leaders in their field.

Computer Science majors at Marietta often complete multiple internships with corporate and non-profit organizations, and are encouraged by faculty to conduct research and develop their own programs. Students must also pursue a secondary concentration, such as business, economics, art or other areas of interest — which gives them options in their careers or graduate programs. Because our students have in-depth knowledge in computer science, as well as strong communication skills, they are highly sought after by employers and have a great deal of success in graduate school.

Earning a Degree in Computer Science

The B.S. in Computer Science at Marietta College combines a spirit of adventure with a dedication to exploring the deepest challenges of human behavior to create an experience that can inspire a fulfilling future career.

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I, Pioneer

Blazing New Trails

Read stories of people who are committed to making an impact in their professions, their communities and beyond.

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Our pioneers have the knowledge, the passion and the courage to pursue change for the greater good, to make a difference in the lives of others, and to pave the way for generations to come.

What You Can Do With a Computer Science Degree

Marietta's Computer Science majors have an advantage in the competitive job market because of their liberal arts education. In addition to gaining extensive experiential education through internships and research projects, our students develop close relationships with their professors. Our majors also add minors in areas such as Art, Biology, Economics, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Philosophy, Physics and Psychology — which help them pursue careers in auditing, animation, computer graphics, bioinformatics, biomedical imaging, big data, cryptocurrency, blockchains, system administration, digital project managing, data analysis, ethical hacking, video game design or artificial intelligence.

Because students are part of Marietta's Long Blue Line — our dedicated alumni base — they have a lifelong connection to professionals who want to help mentor them and support their search for internships, careers and graduate programs.

Careers You Can Expect

  • Software Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • Computer Programmer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Analyst
Henry Gyamfi ’23 plans to work in big data after graduation.


Henry Gyamfi '23

Henry Gyamfi utilized the resources at Marietta College's Career Center to help him prepare for his internship interview.

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