Education majors generate excitement about history in local elementary school

December 7, 2016 | Community
Dressed in a denim jumpsuit and red bandana — in the same vein as Rosie the Riveter — Hannah Offenberger ’17 (Waterford, Ohio) asked a group of Harmar Elementary students on Thursday (December 1st) if they knew where they were and what they’d be doing. “That’s right,” she responded to one of the children, “we’re in 1917 America, in a...
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Don Drumm Stadium shines bright

June 26, 2019 | Don Drumm Renovations
There is definitely something special about watching a game under the lights. Especially when they’re new LEDs. Marietta College is upgrading the lighting at Don Drumm Stadium to Musco Sports Lighting LED fixtures, which will increase the field lighting by 40 percent. The lights will be similar to the ones at Marietta Field, where the...
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