Does Marietta College have a pre-med major? Pre-vet? Pre-dental? The answer is yes! Please be aware that all professional schools look to make sure their incoming students have certain classes — in almost every case, the major is not as important as having completed these required classes. Students at Marietta College (and most other colleges in the US) don't major in pre-med — they major in Biology, Chemistry, Math or a variety of other majors, and they make sure that they complete the classes required for admission to the professional school of their choice.

The Department of Biology and Environmental Science is your gateway to a number of pre-professional programs — Pre-med, Pre-dental, Pre-vet, Pre-PA and so on. In fact, with the exception of nursing, whatever your plans in the areas of human or animal medical care, you can get your start here. Most careers will require additional training. The entry requirements for these programs can be confusing and daunting. Still, our students continue to get into some of the best programs in the nation, and to do well in them. You can join their number with a little planning, a lot of hard work, and a little help. This page is the starting point for that help. 

Have an advisor in the department — we deal with these issues all the time, and can help you plan and execute a successful program.

Research the schools you want to apply to early in your college career to make sure that they don't have any specific requirements that go beyond general guidelines.

Remember that ultimately YOU are responsible for completing all the requirements for the programs YOU want to apply to. Your academic advisor can help, but ultimately it is up to YOU.

As an aid in deciding what courses to take, we have the following advising sheets. Remember that these are a general guide; specific programs may have different requirements. Also note that some programs require you to have all classes taken by a certain date, such as December of your senior year.

If you want to be a:

Physician's Assistant
Physical Therapist


Sample 4-year plans for pre-professional programs here.