There’s no better place to hone your communication skills than at one of the best liberal arts colleges in the Midwest. Marietta College’s Department of Communication prepares students for success in the communication industry.

Whether your goal is to be in broadcast journalism, advertising, health communication or to continue your studies in a graduate or professional program, Marietta College’s faculty will mentor you through in-class and experiential education. Students learn theory and best practices in the classroom and are provided many opportunities to test those skills during internships, group projects, and ventures with outside clients.

Our graduates have plenty of experiential education to show prospective employers that they are ready to excel in the workforce.

To build a common foundation, each of our three majors shares the core classes and experiences:

The Five Core:
  • Media and Society
  • Human Communication
  • Communication Theory and Research
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Internship and Reflective Capstone

The Department of Communication offers three majors and five minors to give students the flexibility to focus their area of study.