Education Majors at Marietta College Bring Leadership to the Classroom

Marietta College’s Education programs prepare students to become inspiring teachers, motivating children of all ages to transform into the best version of themselves. With an emphasis on leadership, our education degrees cultivate teachers who are ready to lead in their classrooms, on their teams, and in their school districts. Our four different education degrees and two additional certificates can set you on the path towards your educational dreams.

Combing real-world classroom experience with a comprehensive curriculum focused on instilling expert-level knowledge of core content areas, our Education majors become confident teachers with the strategies and technological knowledge to meet the ever-evolving challenges of a 21st-century classroom.


All of our education programs follow a similar structure, with courses that focus on teaching strategies and core content, and a wealth of real-world internship—or clinical experience—and classroom observation opportunities. The majors differ only in focus, preparing students to begin careers as teachers working with their target age demographic and learning ability.

Coursework for each education major focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of the core content required to teach your target grades and ages. They instill students with confidence and prepare them to become motivational teachers, inspiring children to reach higher and achieve more.

Field experiences begin in the first year of the program, with classroom observations and mentoring from experienced teachers. By the final year, students take a full-time internship, beginning with a pre-internship preparation. Students work under the supervision of faculty and classroom teaching mentors.  

The capstone experience prepares students to enter the profession as a beginning teacher. The emphasis on leadership development throughout the program enables our students to become inspiring teachers, showing their students the way to success.

Education Programs At Marietta

At Marietta, we offer different types of education degrees for different students. The right fit for you depends on your goals as an educator and what age group you’d like to teach.

Education Degree Programs

Special Education - Elementary Dual Degree Program

Available for students who graduate beginning in spring 2021

The Special Education and Elementary dual degree is available to students who will graduate in Spring 2021 or later. This double major provides the coursework and experiences necessary for two teaching licenses: the Ohio Early Childhood License (Preschool through grade 3) and the Ohio Mild to Moderate Intervention Specialist License (Kindergarten through grade 12). The program contains additional coursework and experiences for the grade 4 and 5 endorsement. 

Throughout the program, you complete methods courses in all subject areas, courses in how to work with students with diverse needs, and a 12-hour core of classes designed to prepare you to teach reading in preschool through grade five and pass the required Ohio test of reading for teachers.

Upon completion of the Special Education and Elementary Education dual degree program, you will be qualified to teach all subject areas in preschool through grade five and serve as an intervention specialist in grades kindergarten through 12.

As an intervention specialist, you may co-teach with the regular classroom teacher or work with individuals or small groups of students in a special education resource room setting. This degree will enable you to make a difference in the lives of students across the spectrum of ability and age, empowering them for their future and instilling them with confidence and self-worth.

Middle Childhood Education

Grades Four Through Nine

The Middle Childhood Education major prepares you to teach in grades four through nine. Graduates are qualified for the Ohio Middle Childhood teaching license. Students have the option to choose two of our four areas of concentration: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Content courses in your chosen concentration are completed in addition to education courses and clinical experiences in real classrooms. A required 12-hour core of reading courses prepare you to address the literacy needs of students in grades four through nine and pass the required Ohio test of reading for teachers. 

This comprehensive major prepares you for a fulfilling career as an inspiring middle school teacher, helping to guide students into their teenage years and prepare them for the rigors of high school and higher education.

Teacher Leader Certificate

Developed in collaboration with the McDonough Leadership Program, this cutting-edge certificate instills leadership skills in our students. Available for McDonough Scholars who are also pursuing the Education major at Marietta College, this leadership certificate can be achieved through a series of required courses and experiences on top of the major requirements. 

This added component signals to prospective employers that you possess the knowledge and skills to be a leader among your teaching colleagues. Through the classes in this certificate program, you’ll gain the confidence to create positive change in your future school system.

Educator Licensure Programs

Designed for education professionals who want to narrow the focus of their education career or add an education license onto another humanities major path during their time at Marietta, these education licensure programs will help you achieve your goals.

Adolescent Young Adult Program

Young Adult, Grades Seven Through 12

This program supplements your major, allowing you to follow a content-focused path and leverage that to become a teacher working with young adults in grades 7 through 12. Completion of the Adolescent Young Adult Program along with a major in your content area enables you to qualify for an Ohio AYA license in one or more of the following areas: integrated language arts, integrated social studies, mathematics, biology, chemistry, or physics. 

Students can major in one of the following: history, English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. To complete the AYA program, you must fulfill the requirements for one of the approved majors and the education course requirements, including the semester-long, full-time internship.

Learn More About the Education Programs at Marietta

If you would like to have the opportunity to speak with education faculty, visit education classes, or meet current teacher education students, please arrange to visit the Marietta College campus. Your admissions counselor will make sure that you can take advantage of any or all of these options. Click here to arrange a visit.

We welcome your inquiries about our teacher education program. Please browse our website contact us with your questions. Dr. Tanya Judd Pucella, Chair of Teacher Education.

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