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Marietta College’s Education programs prepares you to become an inspiring teacher, motivating children of all ages to transform into the best version of themselves. With an emphasis on leadership, our education degrees cultivate teachers who are ready to lead in their classrooms, on their teams, and in their school districts. Our four different education degrees and two additional certificates can set you on the path towards your educational dreams. Students who wish to earn a Bachelor of Music in Music Education to become music educators can audition and interview for the Music Education Program, which is housed primarily in the Music Department. We also offer a degree in Educational Studies for students who are interested in working in educational-based fields outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Marietta boasts the only liberal arts Teacher Leadership Program for undergraduates in the nation, and was named one of the top four education programs in Ohio by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Combining real-world classroom experience with a comprehensive curriculum focused on instilling expert-level knowledge of core content areas, our Education majors become confident teachers with the strategies and technological knowledge to meet the ever-evolving challenges of a 21st-century classroom.

Education majors intern in classrooms during their first semester at Marietta.


Karly Allen ’22

As a Special Education and Elementary Dual (SEED) major, Karly Allen ’22 is preparing to become the type of teacher who can inspire young children to become lifelong learners.

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Make an impact on future generations

At Marietta, we prepare students who are passionate about education to become innovative thinkers who are ready to make a positive impact on the next generation.

All of our teacher preparation programs follow a similar structure, with courses that focus on teaching strategies and core content, and a wealth of real-world internship—or clinical experience—and classroom observation opportunities. The majors differ only in focus, preparing students to begin careers as teachers working with their target age demographic and learning ability.

Coursework for each education major focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of the core content required to teach your target grades and ages. They instill students with confidence and prepare them to become motivational teachers, inspiring children to reach higher and achieve more.

Field experiences begin in the first year of the program, with classroom observations and mentoring from experienced teachers. By the final year, students take a full-time internship, beginning with a pre-internship preparation. Students work under the supervision of faculty and classroom teaching mentors.  

The capstone experience prepares students to enter the profession as a beginning teacher. The emphasis on leadership development throughout the program enables our students to become inspiring teachers, showing their students the way to success.

Students pursuing the Educational Studies major can choose one of three different paths: Teaching & Learning; Program Development; and Professional Communication. 

Earning a Degree in Education

The B.A. in Education at Marietta College combines a spirit of adventure with a dedication to exploring the deepest challenges of human behavior to create an experience that can inspire a fulfilling future career.

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Education Degree Programs

Special Education - Elementary Dual Degree Program
The Special Education and Elementary Dual Degree provides the coursework and experiences necessary for two teaching licenses: the Ohio Early Childhood License (Preschool through grade 3) and the Ohio Mild to Moderate Intervention Specialist License (Kindergarten through grade 12). The program contains additional coursework and experiences for the grade 4 and 5 endorsement. 

Throughout the program, you complete methods courses in all subject areas, courses in how to work with students with diverse needs, and a 12-hour core of classes designed to prepare you to teach reading in preschool through grade five and pass the required Ohio test of reading for teachers.

Upon completion of the Special Education and Elementary Education dual degree program, you will be qualified to teach all subject areas in preschool through grade five and serve as an intervention specialist in grades kindergarten through 12.

As an intervention specialist, you may co-teach with the regular classroom teacher or work with individuals or small groups of students in a special education resource room setting. This degree will enable you to make a difference in the lives of students across the spectrum of ability and age, empowering them for their future and instilling them with confidence and self-worth.

degree requirements

Middle Childhood Special Education Dual Preparation
Marietta's Middle Childhood Special Education Dual Preparation Program results in two Ohio teaching licenses: middle childhood (grades 4-9) math and science or social studies and language arts teacher; and as a K-12 mild-to-moderate intervention specialist.

Our teacher preparation students are focused on changing children's lives for the better, which is why we place them in local classrooms in their very first semester at Marietta. Our Middle Childhood/SEED teacher candidates complete more than 250 hours of clinical work in classrooms before completing a year-long internship in a middle school classroom. Numerous partnerships with local school districts mean our students have plenty of access to classroom experience, and also allow our majors to develop professional relationships with possible employers and teacher mentors.

Marietta's clinical model for teacher preparation also includes professional development and workshop experience — so our students can pursue special certifications such as NASA's Flynn Lab Safety.

Degree Requirements


Music Education
Marietta College's Music Education Program is dedicated to preparing students to become music educators who will inspire future generations of musicians.

Students interested in majoring in Music Education audition and interview for this interdisciplinary program, which focuses on Music, Education and Psychology, and is deeply rooted in the liberal arts. This diverse coursework is designed to guide majors to licensure in music education, and results in a Bachelor of Music in Music Education.

Marietta's program is accredited through the National Association of Schools of Music, which is the only accrediting agency covering the entire field of music recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Admission requirements

degree requirements

Educational Studies
Marietta's Educational Studies program is designed for students who want to work in educational-based fields that take place outside of the traditional classroom — such as coaching, education policy-making, student services, youth programming or as an entrepreneur.

Students can choose one of three paths: Teaching & Learning, Program Development, and Professional Communication. These integrative series of courses and experiential learning opportunities help students think critically about how education intersects with a range of social, cultural, economic and political forces.

This program prepares students to work with today's youth in a variety of capacities, and courses address ethics, educational law, social and emotional growth, and current trends in education. A degree in Educational Studies gives students plenty of options in terms of employment and preparers students for success in graduate school in areas like social work, counseling and coaching.

degree requirements

Teacher Leader Certificate

Developed in collaboration with the McDonough Leadership Program, this cutting-edge certificate instills leadership skills in our students. Available for McDonough Scholars who are also pursuing the Education major at Marietta College, this leadership certificate can be achieved through a series of required courses and experiences on top of the major requirements. Marietta is the only liberal arts college to offer a Teacher Leadership Certificate.

This added component signals to prospective employers that you possess the knowledge and skills to be a leader among your teaching colleagues. Through the classes in this certificate program, you’ll gain the confidence to create positive change in your future school system.

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Adolescent Young Adult Program Licensure Programs

Educator Licensure Programs

Designed for education professionals who want to narrow the focus of their education career or add an education license onto another humanities major path during their time at Marietta, these education licensure programs will help you achieve your goals.

Marietta College's renown Education Department offers students majoring in English, History, Political Science, or one of the STEM fields to expand their options by also earning Adolescent Young Adult (AYA) Licensure, which results in an Ohio teaching license and enables students to teach biology, chemistry, physics, integrated English language arts or math in grades 7 through 12.

In addition to completing their primary major requirements, AYA teacher candidates take courses through the Education program, and complete more than 250 hours  clinical work in classrooms prior to a semester-long internship. AYA candidates gain expansive hands-on experiential learning and ways to network with different schools and teachers. Marietta's robust teacher preparation program also provides students with opportunities to discuss and reflect on teaching strategies, methods and experiences with their peers, professors and teacher mentors. 

Interested in becoming a teacher?

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What You Can Do With an Education Degree

Marietta's Education program is recognized as one of the top teacher education programs in Ohio — and our graduates are in high demand for a reason. Starting in their first year, our majors spend a lot of time in a classroom environment and gain performance feedback from teacher mentors.

By the time our Education majors graduate, they are highly skilled and versatile educators. These innovative thinkers are passionate about helping the next generation prepare for success.

Careers You Can Expect

  • Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Middle/High School Teacher
  • Principal/Superintendent
  • Athletic Director
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Intervention Specialist

Recent Internships

  • Marietta City Schools District
  • Warren Local School District
  • Wolf Creek School District
  • Belpre City School District
  • Fort Frye Local School District
  • Wood County (West Virginia) Schools
Tyler Hartline seated, reading a book


Tyler Hartline ’22

Music Education major Tyler Hartline ’22 uses the skills he's learned in his conducting classes at Marietta to conduct a master class at the Ohio Music Educators Association Conference.

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