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The goal of the Student Summer Fellowship Program is to encourage undergraduate student-faculty collaboration in investigative studies. Summer Fellowships are designed to support students for a six-week period so that students may work with a faculty member on a project of mutual interest. Student Summer Fellowship recipients receive a taxable stipend of up to $2,610 stipend plus six weeks of campus housing. The program is open to all undergraduate full-time students who are pre-registered at Marietta College for the fall semester. Student application proposals will be evaluated on a competitive basis by members of the Honors & Investigative Studies Committee. While the quality of the projects is the most important criterion for funding, projects that have a strong chance of resulting in a publication, performance, or professional presentation will receive higher rankings by the Committee.


No more than four Summer Fellowships of up to $2,610 each will be announced each spring. The Fellowship is awarded in taxable hourly pay. Students receive six weeks of free on-campus housing (also taxable). Students are responsible for their own meals and other living expenses.

Student Application Criteria

  • Current cumulative GPA of 3.000 or above is required.
  • Applications are open to undergraduate full-time students who are pre-registered at MC for the fall semester.
  • A team of several students may submit a common project application, although they must each obtain individual letters of reference. Depending on the amount of available funding, these students may be required to share a single award.
  • Mentorship by a Marietta College faculty member is required.  The mentor will fill out and submit the Adviser Reference Form.*
  • A second faculty member (separate from the mentor) is required and will fill out and submit the Faculty Reference Form.*
  • An electronic version of the Summer Fellowship application and proposal should be fully completed, approved by the faculty mentor, and submitted by the due date.*

*An electronic version of the application and reference forms will be due by the date listed on the Investigative Studies main page, and submitted via email to Dr. Suzanne Parsons, Director of the Investigative Studies Program ( Please Contact Dr. Parsons if you have questions.

Goals and Expectations

The goals of the Summer Fellowship Program in Investigative Studies are:

  • To provide students with an opportunity to pursue their research and creative interests in a manner not found in a typical classroom setting.
  • To promote intellectual curiosity and stimulate creativity in students in an academic discipline or between disciplines.
  • To foster a sense of learning, sharing, and commitment to a community of scholars.

The following are requirements for students receiving a Summer Fellowship:

  • The student and sponsoring faculty member are expected to work together on an investigative learning project for six weeks during the first summer session. Students in all academic and interdisciplinary programs at the College are encouraged to apply.
  • Every two weeks, the student is expected to submit a one-page summary report to Dr. Parsons, Investigative Studies Program Director. Students will also submit a timecard every two weeks (approved by his/her faculty advisor and the Program Director) in order to be paid $15.00 per hour for a total of up to twenty-nine hours per week, for a total of up to $2610.
  • Summer Fellows will make a 20-minute presentation at the Investigative Studies Fall Symposium. Students are strongly encouraged to also present their work in another public forum, e.g., performance, publication, or presentation at a professional meeting.
  • Students are committed to working 29‐hours per week for 6 weeks. Thus, students should not enroll in this program if planning on carrying a significant coursework load, or holding a second job.
  • Accepting this fellowship position implies that the student agrees to be available for the entire six‐week program. Exact hours depend on experiments and seminars.
  • In addition to attending the weekly Fellowship seminars, students are expected to attend and fully participate in all required extracurricular activities
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