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John Haller headshot
Office #
Hermann 311
BA-Theatre Arts, University of Northern Colorado (1999); BFA-Visual Communication Design, Kent State University (2019); MFA-Visual Communication Design, Kent State University (2022)
Year Appointed
Courses - Fall
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Software for Design

John Haller is an accomplished graphic designer and educator with a diverse background in visual communication design and theater arts directing. He holds a BFA and an MFA in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, and a BA in Theatre Arts Directing from the University of Northern Colorado.

At KSU, his research focused on developing a patient-centered prescription label to reduce patient barriers and medication errors. His current research revolves around the development of a cutting-edge smartphone application tailored to assist hikers embarking on the Appalachian Trail. By leveraging advanced GPS tracking, real-time weather updates, interactive trail maps, and personalized recommendations, his app aims to enhance the hiking experience by providing essential information, safety features, and insights, ensuring a seamless and informed journey along this iconic trail.

Growing up as an Army Brat and having traveled extensively across the United States, John developed a deep appreciation for exploration and adventure. His childhood experiences of road trips and visits to iconic destinations like the Redwood Forest, Grand Tetons, and Crater Lake fueled his passion for travel and instilled a sense of wanderlust. As an adult, he aspires to fulfill his dream of walking the Appalachian Trail within the next five years.

With a recent relocation to West Virginia, John's current chapter is marked by a fresh sense of place and opportunity. John will remain actively involved in local community theater while pursuing his artistic endeavors. His unique blend of artistic expertise, research background, and passion for storytelling brings a dynamic perspective to his teaching and creative projects.