The PioPitch Program at Marietta College provides a venue for aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to share their stories, experiences, and ideas with others in our community so that we can kindle their entrepreneurial pursuits and create a network of collaborators. The PioPitch program consists of in-person sessions and video podcasts.

In-Person Sessions

Periodically, we invite entrepreneurs to the campus of Marietta College to engage in a conversation with faculty, students, and business and community leaders. Each PioPitch session functions similarly to a large focus group, with two presenters per session. Each presenter is on stage for 30 minutes, providing an overview of his/her organization/idea for 5-10 minutes, followed by an introduction of a current opportunity or challenge (problem). The remainder of each presenter’s time is devoted to feedback from and dialogue with the audience.


Video Podcasts

Occasionally, Marietta College students or interns produce short  (up to 20 minutes) video podcasts featuring practicing entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors. The main objective is to learn about the entrepreneurs’ experiences.

If you would like to make a presentation in an in-person session or be interviewed in a video podcast, please click here


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