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In addition to completing Marietta’s challenging General Education requirements and the core curriculum in their chosen science major, students in the Engineering Dual Degree program have opportunities to take general engineering and science courses that will benefit them during the second stage of their dual degree education.
Requirements for a major in Engineering Dual Degree.
Student Success
of Marietta graduates since 2020 were employed, in graduate school, or participating in a fellowship or service commitment within six months of graduation
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An Engineering Dual Degree major works in a lab in the Rickey Science Center at Marietta College
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Professor Michelle Jeitler lectures in class
An Engineering Dual Degree major works in a lab in the Rickey Science Center at Marietta College

What will you learn while earning an Engineering Dual Degree?

This degree allows students to combine a liberal arts education with an engineering focus — a unique opportunity not offered at the majority of liberal arts colleges. This program allows students to reap all the benefits offered at a smaller, more intimate college while still achieving an engineering degree and the career potential that it conveys.

Benefits of a Dual Degree

In this 3+2 program, students take their prerequisites, including all foundational mathematics and science courses, in the small classrooms of Marietta. On our campus, the faculty provides mentorship to students, guiding them through the transitional period of the early undergraduate years. Through this program, students are able to experience personalized attention and diverse academic classes only available at a liberal arts college.

When students transition to the engineering program at a larger university during the fourth year, they are more capable of handling the large class sizes and rigorous course material of a research institution.

Furthermore, employers are attracted to the combination of a liberal arts and engineering degree, as graduates are often more likely to have both technical engineering expertise as well as critical thinking and writing skills.

Program Structure

The Engineering Dual Degree program follows a 3+2 structure wherein students spend three years at Marietta College earning a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Biology. Students then transition to one of our partner schools to spend an additional two years completing the requirements for an undergraduate engineering degree.

Students in the dual degree program can earn their engineering degree at one of the following partner institutions:

Marietta students have the added benefit of our first-class Petroleum Engineering program offered here on our campus. Dual-degree students can study in our facilities and meet with faculty, helping to better prepare for their transition to an engineering program during their final two years.

More Info

Marietta’s Engineering Dual Degree program allows driven students to earn both their liberal arts as well as engineering undergraduate degrees in only five years of study. To learn more about this program, use the link below.

Outcomes — Internships & Research Projects
  • Exploring Photovoltaic Properties in MAPbCI Perovskite Structures
  • Looking for Epitaxy in Thin Copper Films
  • Research and Development at EGC Enterprises
  • Improving UHV Performance and Modeling an Effusive Gas Doser Array for Surface Science Experiments
  • Designing and Building a Combined Atomic Force and Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  • Design and Construction of a Telescope Mounted Spectrograph
Outcomes — Professions
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
Rise to the Challenge
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Is admission guaranteed to one of the partner schools?

Yes, as long as you complete all of the course requirements for admission and achieve a 3.25 GPA or above (overall and math/science).

Do I need to apply to one of the partner schools right away?

No. Because you are attending an affiliated liberal arts college you are qualified to apply to the program in your third at Marietta. However, getting connected early in the first year with Marietta's faculty liaison (Dr. Dennis Kuhl) to the program — is recommended.

Can I graduate with Marietta classmates who started college with me?

Yes. Typically, Dual Degree students receive their liberal arts degree and celebrate commencement with their cohort. And they celebrate again at the partner institution with those peers.

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