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In addition to a liberal-arts core curriculum, Geology majors prepare for careers in science, government and other exciting fields by completing a rigorous course load.
Requirements for a major in Geology.
Requirements for a minor in Geology.
Student Success
of Marietta College’s Geology graduates since 2020 were employed or attending graduate school within six months of graduating
of students have the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty member.
is the average mid-career salary in the U.S. for Geology graduates
A geology major works with rocks in a lab
Rocks organized in a bin in a geology lab at Marietta College
Geology Professor Andrew Beck shows a rock to geology majors during class
A Marietta College geology major uses a rock chisle during a geology lab

What you'll learn as a Geology major.

The Marietta College Geology program offers the opportunity to learn from an experienced and highly qualified faculty in a personal, student-centered, small college setting with one of the longest continuous histories of teaching Geology. We have particular strengths in Petroleum Geology, Engineering/Environmental Geology, and Paleontology.

Concentration Areas

At Marietta, we offer the opportunity to focus on a particular discipline within the geology field by pursuing a concentration in one of several areas. First and foremost, we emphasize a strong, solid foundation in geosciences with an emphasis on doing field and laboratory work. The deep expertise of our faculty, as well as our proactive interaction with other programs and professionals, creates a fertile environment in which to build a well-rounded foundation in geology with a general degree. Students who are driven to focus on a particular field, however, are offered the additional opportunity to go beyond the basics and advance their studies by concentrating in one of three fields: Environmental & Engineering Geology, Paleontology, or Petroleum Geology.

Designed for Your Future

All geology majors complete a senior capstone that is modeled on a master’s thesis. The project is a self-driven project developed with the guidance of a faculty member who will work along with the student and act as a mentor. This two-semester sequence during the senior year frequently yields publishable work that stands as a notable achievement. Many of our graduates leave with a record of publication. This experience is key to your future as a creative thinker because you will have carried out a significant inquiry into a real research problem within the field. The experience of carrying out significant research, as well as our guidance in helping you establish your skills in reporting your findings using scientific writing, will help you stand apart from your peers graduating from other programs.

More Info

Earn one of three Concentrations in Geology, in addition to the overall major. Students complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Geology, plus take specific electives, add a related minor, and complete a Capstone in that specialized area.

Our concentrations in Engineering Geology (the environmental side of geology), Petroleum Geology (designed for those wishing to pursue exploration and development of petroleum resources), and Paleontology are enhanced by our close relationships with the Marietta College Environmental Science and Petroleum Engineering programs and with the Aaron Scott Dinosaur Quarry in Utah.

Outcomes — Graduate School
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Miami University
  • Ohio University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Bergin (Norway)
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Texas-Permian Basin
  • West Virginia University
Outcomes — Professions
  • BP
  • Civil & Environmental Consultants L.L.C.
  • Dominion Energy
  • EMF Geoscience Inc.
  • Endurance Resources III L.L.C.
  • Green Environmental Inc.
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Environmental & Engineering Geology Concentration

Engineering Geology falls within the realm of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences — forming a stepping stone to other potential majors like Environmental Engineering. This concentration complements the Environmental Engineering program, and creates an interdisciplinary opportunity for students in this area. Environmental service industries hire a total of 40 percent of graduates in geosciences. This academic discipline produces geologists who provide geological expertise in environmental and engineering projects. With this concentration, you will earn a B.S. in Geology and a minor in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering. You will follow a specific Physics path, take special electives that include Geographic Information Systems, Structural Geology, Sedimentation & Stratigraphy, Hydrogeology, Environmental Engineering Geology, and Statics, and complete an advisor-approved Capstone in the field of Engineering Geology.

Petroleum Geology Concentration

 Geology is a valuable aspect of the energy industry, particularly in the oil & gas field. With this concentration, you will earn a B.S. in Geology plus a minor in Petroleum Engineering — one of the academic programs for which Marietta College is globally renowned. You will follow either a specific Physics or Biology path, take special electives that include Petroleum Geology, Structural Geology, Sedimentology & Stratigraphy, and Environmental Engineering Geology, and complete a Petroleum Geology Capstone with the guidance of your advisor.

Paleontology Concentration

Marietta College is located in a region of the country that is considered a hotbed for discovering vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant fossils — and faculty in this program are experienced paleontologists who lead student groups in fieldwork, field trips and research in the field. Students in this program explore the exciting field of paleontology and also prepare for success in an array of career and graduate program possibilities. With this concentration, you will earn a B.S. in Geology and a minor in Biology. You will follow a Biology path, take electives that include Invertebrate Paleontology, Dinosaurs, Sedimentology & Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, General Microbiology, Zoology, Evolution, Lower Plants and Ecology, and complete an advisor-approved Capstone in Paleontology.

Rise to the Challenge


What academic strengths and/or skills should I possess to be successful in Geology?

To be successful in our program, a student must be able to do science (gather data, measure things, compile data, interpret information, and be willing to keep up with the latest information). Students must be willing to learn math, spend time in labs, and be interested in the natural world.

Will I be required to complete an internship to graduate?

No, but every student in the Geology program is required to complete a Capstone project.

Are there scholarships specific to Geology majors?

Yes. However, most scholarships are awarded to students after their first year at Marietta College.

The Paul Fulton Memorial Scholarships are awarded annually to students majoring in petroleum engineering or geology and provide support for student research projects.

The Warren G. Steel/Dwayne D. Stone Scholarship provides financial assistance to geology majors demonstrating financial need.

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