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Marietta College’s Department of Psychology strives to give its students the best possible training and education in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and counseling, providing a comprehensive introduction to the scientific study of behavior and cognitive processes within the liberal arts tradition. The department emphasizes the scientific foundation of psychology; however, it also stresses the importance of applying psychological principles, methods, and findings to solving problems and improving lives.

Marietta’s Department of Psychology offers four main programs:

Psychology Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Whatever path you choose, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Marietta will give you the intellectual and professional skills that you’ll need for advanced graduate training or to immediately enter a meaningful career. The beauty of a degree in psychology is its flexibility. You might decide to conduct scientific research, you might choose to apply your psychological knowledge to improve people’s lives, or you might join the world of business and industry. Human behavior is a cornerstone of civilization, and understanding human behavior improves society. Psychology majors have the opportunity to work with award-winning professors who are passionate about psychology.

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Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

Neuroscience at Marietta College is an interdisciplinary program that spans across four core areas: biological, physical, chemical and psychological sciences, with elective options that will allow students to build a unique path for their future education and career goals. Those goals may include medical school, graduate school, or a career in the sciences. Students will work closely with faculty across all four core areas, including opportunities to complete capstone projects in an area of interest. The in-depth program affords students with advanced coursework and research during their undergraduate education at Marietta.

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Psychology Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Psychology

The Master of Arts in General Psychology Program (MAP) challenges students with a rigorous academic curriculum in across the major areas of psychology and provides opportunities to purse an individual research thesis in the areas of clinical, cognitive, social, physiological, and developmental psychology. The program prepares students for doctoral programs in psychology or to seek employment with a Master’s degree; these careers might be in business, industry, medicine, or the helping professions.

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Other Psychology programs

Minor in Psychology

The minor is psychology is offered to students pursuing other fields of study but desiring an additional concentration in the field of psychology.

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