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In addition to a core curriculum focused on general psychology, graduate students in the MAP program also select research areas in: Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Physiological Psychology, or Developmental Psychology
Requirements for a Master of Arts in Psychology.
Students in the Marietta College Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) Program sit around a table during a discussion with a professor.
Students in the Marietta College Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) Program sit around a table during a discussion with a professor.
Students in the Marietta College Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) Program sit around a table during a discussion with a professor.
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What You’ll Learn While Studying for an MA in Psychology

Dedicated professors collaborate with graduate students to conduct serious research, collaborate and publish papers, and present their work at professional conferences. Graduate students can join the Psychology Research Lab, working with faculty and undergraduate students on various cognitive, social, evolutionary, and neuropsychology research projects.

Qualifications to Apply

Applying students must have a bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in Psychology from an accredited college or university; or have completed at least 12 undergraduate hours in Psychology, including courses in Introductory Psychology, Behavioral Statistics, and Research Methods. Candidates must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in both their overall undergraduate work and their Psychology concentration to be considered for Marietta's graduate program, though some case-by-case considerations may be made.

3+2 MAP Program

Undergraduate Psychology majors attending Marietta College have the opportunity to enter a five-year BA/MA program. Students apply during their junior year to the BA/MA graduate program. Accepted students take graduate-level courses part-time during their senior undergraduate year. During the fifth year, they become full-time graduate students on track to complete the BA/MA program at the end of that academic year.

More Info

The program's goal is to prepare students for doctoral programs in psychology or to prepare them to seek employment at the Master’s level in a psychologically related field.

How to Apply

Review of applicants is continual. Incoming students may begin the MAP Program in either the fall or spring semester. We encourage applicants to submit their applications as early as possible (March for fall applications, November for spring applications) for priority consideration.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the graduate program is competitive and selective. Students applying are required to have completed either a bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in psychology from an accredited college or university or to have completed a minimum of 12 undergraduate credit hours in psychology. They are expected to have completed the following courses: Introductory Psychology, Behavioral Statistics, and Research Methods.

3+2 BA/MA for current MC Students

If you are a current Marietta College student wanting to participate in the 3+2 BA/MA program, please complete this form and return it to Dr. May,

3-2 Program Application (PDF)

The application process to the Master of Arts in Psychology Program for all other applicants includes the following:
  • A completed Marietta College MAP Application.
  • Two letters of recommendation attesting to your ability to perform graduate-level work (these should be from college instructors).
  • Official transcripts of all college-level work, including any graduate work.
  • A one-page essay describing your professional goals for your graduate education in psychology and why the MAP program fits these goals.

Please return all the application materials to Dr. Ryan May, Director of the MAP Program, Department of Psychology, Marietta College, 215 Fifth Street, Marietta, OH 45750. Additionally, materials may be sent electronically to Dr. Ryan May at Please call 740.376.4767 with any questions.

Graduate Assistantships

Marietta College’s Master of Arts in Psychology program (MAP) offers several funded Graduate Assistantship positions each academic year. Graduate assistants work a maximum of 15 hours weekly in the psychology department and receive a paid stipend of approximately $4,000 per academic year. Graduate Assistant positions also provide students with professional training and experience valued by both doctoral programs and employers.

Applications for Graduate Assistantships are reviewed by the Psychology Department faculty and awarded for the academic year on a competitive basis. Applicants must be full-time MAP students, be in good academic standing, submit a completed Graduate Assistant-Stipend application, and have the qualifications needed to fill the position. All MAP students are invited to apply, including newly accepted entering graduate students and students in Marietta College’s BA/MA program. Students awarded a Graduate Assistantship during their first year in the MAP program can apply for a second assistantship. However, there is no guarantee they will receive a second assistantship.

Students awarded a Graduate Assistantship will be notified before the start of the fall semester and will need to go to the college’s human resource department (Irvine building) to complete all necessary paperwork before the fall semester begins. Stipend payments are normally paid to students two times during the semester.

Duties and Responsibilities

Graduate Assistant responsibilities and tasks are diverse but are primarily focused on helping faculty complete the educational and research mission of the Department of Psychology. Graduate Assistants must have flexible work schedules that complement the schedule of the psychology faculty. Graduate Assistants report directly to the MAP director and must submit a completed task and timesheet each week they work. Graduate Assistants are expected to perform all their duties in a professional, courteous, and responsible manner.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Assistantship

Graduate students in the MAP Program may also choose to be considered for a graduate assistantship position in the Marietta College of Diversity and Inclusion. The graduate assistant chosen for this position will serve as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion team at Marietta College and will be responsible for gathering data, creating informational materials, and developing and implementing programs, strategies, and policies that will support, enhance, and preserve a diverse and inclusive environment for all members of the Marietta College community. The focus of this graduate assistantship will be the needs of students from traditionally underrepresented populations, including, but not limited to, first-generation, low-income, and/or racial and ethnic minority groups.

BA/MA Program

The Marietta College Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) Program offers an academic curriculum in general psychology, as well as offering students the opportunity to pursue research in the areas of clinical, cognitive, social, physiological, or developmental psychology. The primary goal of the program is to provide students with a strong graduate-level foundation in general psychology. The program is designed to prepare students to pursue further education in psychology at the Ph.D. level or to seek employment at the master’s level in a related field.

The program is designed for successful completion over the course of two academic years. Additionally, a five-year combined Bachelor/Master of Arts degree program is offered. The program consists of thirty-six hours of courses composed of

  • A 24-hour core of traditional academically oriented graduate courses in psychology
  • Six hours of experiential electives related to a professional experience in psychology
  • Six hours of empirical thesis research, including a successful thesis defense to a two-member committee

Interested in the 5-year BA/MA Program? Please discuss it with your faculty academic advisor, and contact Dr. Ryan May, Director of the MAP Program, with any questions at

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