If I major in theatre, are there any career options other than being an actor or director?

Marietta College theatre graduates can be found in almost all walks of life. They are lawyers, businessmen, administrators and managers, school teachers and college professors, as well as actors, producers, directors, designers, and technicians. Today, many--if not most--employers are looking for workers who can read and write well, communicate effectively, work with others as part of a team, think rationally, and approach problem-solving creatively. In short, they want workers who know how to learn. Many employers prefer to provide employees with on-the-job training for the specific skills required by their companies. A theatre major is arguably more effective in helping a student acquire the component skills employers are looking for than are many other liberal arts majors.

Can I get a degree in acting at Marietta College?

Philosophically, the Theatre Department at Marietta College is committed to providing majors with a broad background in all areas of theatre. Therefore, the coursework they are required to take includes a balance of courses in technical theatre, acting, directing, and dramatic literature. In addition, it is expected that all actors in productions will work on technical and front of house tasks as necessary to enable the productions to succeed. Obviously, many theatre majors are more interested in one area of theatre than another, and in practice students tend to devote much more of their energy to one or two areas than they do to the others.

Can a theatre major help me break into the film or television industry?

Actors trained for performance in the theatre can easily adapt to the needs of either film or television; it is not always easy for film and television actors to learn how to perform for a live audience. Marietta graduates are currently working in a range of positions in television and film in functions ranging from producer of major network programs to cameramen to story writers, editors, and loggers. Breaking into either film or television requires hard work and a willingness to enter at the lowest level and work your way up.

Can I be actively involved in theatre and still do well academically?

The experience of students at Marietta would suggest that there is no significant relationship between level of involvement in theatre and GPA. Indeed, many of our students say that their grades are higher when they are more involved because they have to organize their time more effectively. What is true is that most college students spend large quantities of time in non-productive activities like sitting around the dorm talking with their friends. Theatre majors and others who are actively involved in theatre tend to spend their non-academic time working at the theatre. In fact, most students who are active in theatre bring their academic work with them to rehearsal and work on class assignments during down time.

I am very interested in theatre, but I also am very interested in English. Can I double-major at Marietta?

There is a long history of students completing two majors while at Marietta. The most common combinations are Radio-Television and Theatre and English and Theatre, but at one time or another, students have double-majored in Theatre and almost every other possible major. Students should be aware that some combinations are impossible to complete in four years. A double major in Education and Theatre, for example, requires five years.

Do I have to be a theatre major to be in plays or to work on productions?

Auditions at Marietta are open to all students, and it is not unusual for a play cast to include students with majors from all over the campus. Anyone who wants to work on a production is welcome to do so.

I have never actually been in a play, but have always wanted to be. Is it possible for someone with no experience at all to be in a play?

Every year, one or more students who have never been involved in theatre at all work up their courage and audition for a play. They do not always get cast the first time, but they often do, and many of these students get a chance to act extensively. You owe it to yourself to take the chance. You may discover the avocation of a lifetime. By the way, in the past decade there have several instances of students who became theatre majors or minors because they took the chance.

Can freshmen be cast in productions at Marietta?

Yes, freshmen can be—and are—cast in productions from the time they arrive on campus. In the past decade there has not been a single year in which freshmen did not fill significant roles on stage during the fall semester. Part of the reason for this is the large number of roles that are available, but it is also a tenet of the department that all students have a right to be considered for any role, no matter what their class rank.

I have a busy schedule. Can I still be involved in productions?

Participation can be at any level of time commitment. Some students work actively on multiple productions a semester. Other students may come in to volunteer to work on a single show or just come in for work days occasionally. The department welcomes all persons who want to participate and tries to find opportunities for them to be involved.

I am particularly interested in directing. What directing opportunities does Marietta provide?

The first directing experience for all BFA theatre majors is a year-long course in directing (Theatre 303-304). At the end of the first course, students are required to direct an 8-10-minute scene from a play; at the end of the second course, students are required to direct a complete one-act play. Most majors take this course as sophomores. Students who have effectively completed the directing class sequence and wish further directing experiences can gain those during their junior and senior years. The usual progression is that in the first year after directing class, students direct a longer and/or more complicated one-act play. In the second year after directing class, students may direct a still longer and/or more complicated one-act. A significant number of students have directed full-length mainstage productions during their senior year. It should be noted that no student is guaranteed directing experiences beyond directing class: all student-directed productions are carefully evaluated before students are given permission to go to the next level.

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