Making Your Passion Your Future

When the lights went up on the first play you attended, when the applause rang out during your first curtain call, when the world you created on stage first came to life… that was the moment you knew theatre would be an important part of your future.

Marietta College helps students develop the skills they need to turn their talent into craft. With programs in Performance, Design and Technology, Directing, and Musical Theatre, students can explore the areas which best fit their professional goals.

Combining passion with the knowledge and experience students gain at Marietta College is a recipe for success in the theatre and entertainment industries

The Right Program For You

Whether you intend to pursue a career in the entertainment industry or are interested in studying theatre as part of a broader liberal arts education, we have a program for you. Our talented professors will help you take your aspirations and make them reality.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre is a selective-admission program designed to allow students to pursue hands-on professional study within a challenging educational environment. Students in the recently-updated program take foundational theatre courses creating a broad core of knowledge, then choose an area to study more deeply. This program is perfect for artists serious about developing their talents and honing their craft. For more information, visit the BFA Theatre page.

Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre is a selective-admission program providing professional training for the aspiring musical theatre performer within a liberal arts framework. Classes in theatre, music, and dance combined with performances in musicals, operas, and plays prepare students for a variety of professional roles. For more information, visit the BA Musical Theatre page.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is a well-rounded, open-admission program designed to allow students to pursue a variety of double major options in a challenging liberal-arts environment. Dedicated and responsive faculty work with students to coordinate tailored educational experiences to help them pursue their desired goals. The communication, collaboration, and leadership skills gained in Theatre prepare students for success in a wide range of industries. For more information, visit the BA Theatre page.

Theatre Minor

The Theatre Minor  is an open-admission program that allows students majoring in other areas to explore the various theatre arts. For more information, visit the Theatre Minor section of the BA Theatre page.