Entering as an Exploratory Student
Students can enter Marietta College in one of two ways. You can declare a major or come in as Exploratory with interest areas. Many students choose the latter option in order to give themselves time to explore the various majors and minors available. There is pressure to declare your major upon entering as a freshman. In fact, students have until their second semester sophomore year to declare a major. Many students who enter with a declared major will change their major within the first year. The exceptions to this standard include majoring in Petroleum Engineering and Sports Medicine. It can be difficult to graduate in four years for these majors if you do not start the major course of study your first year.

What does it mean to be an Exploratory student?
During your first year, you are encouraged to take courses that will help you explore different disciplines. Many of these courses will also count toward your General Education requirements so while you are exploring you are making progress toward graduation. COLL 200 is the perfect 1 credit course offered both semesters for the Exploratory student. The course is offered out of the Career Center and assists students in exploring different career options and majors.
The Career Center also has excellent resources designed to help students explore careers and majors.