Confluence - noun: 1. The junction of two rivers. 2. An act or process of merging.

The Confluence Club, a new program allowing you to extend your gift into monthly installments which, when combined with other members, can add up to make a significant impact on campus for years to come! This new club was created to make supporting Marietta College more convenient for you, and even more beneficial to students, allowing you to magnify the impact of your support.

The Club provides a simple and convenient way for alumni and friends of the College to form a steady stream of assistance to Marietta College and its students year round.

A majestic river has the power to shape the landscape. It can wear down rock, forge new channels, and, given enough time, carve out canyons. Now imagine the force of a thousand roaring rivers, all flowing as one toward a single destination – with a unified purpose.

Working together at Marietta College, we all passionately share a purpose: continuing to provide our students with the finest contemporary liberal arts education possible. And as the tide of national recognition rises at Marietta College, so does the value of a Marietta degree.

The Power of Confluence Club Giving
  • $15 per month = $180 per year
  • $25 per month = $300 per year (Navy Blue and White Society)
  • $50 per month = $600 per year
  • $153 per month = $1,835 per year (President’s Circle Member)

Click here to join the Confluence Gift Club and make a significant annual contribution today!

Sinclair Society

Consistent givers are the heart of Marietta College. Because of our most loyal donors who support year after year, we are able to move our mission forward and change the lives of our students. In recognition of this important commitment, we are pleased to honor those that consistently give by making them members of the Sinclair Society.

Lillian Spindler Sinclair, class of 1923 entered Marietta College in 1919 and worked in both the office of the president and the business office throughout her college years. She continued to work in the business office following graduation until 1926 when the college registrar’s position became available. Lillian worked as the MC registrar until her retirement in 1967. Even after her retirement, she served as the faculty historian until 1972. Throughout her tenure, she was a regular contributor to the college over the years, and at the time of her death in 2003 at the age of 101, she also left Marietta College in her estate. Support like Lillian's is so important because not only does it show devotion and commitment, but it truly does make a difference, especially when combined with other gifts. Like many of our alumni and friends, Lillian had a special place in her heart for Marietta and still supported regularly, with what she could.

In honor of her loyal support and dedication to Marietta, the Lillian Sinclair Society celebrates the college’s most dedicated donors who make consistent annual gifts.  By regularly supporting, donors are automatically enrolled and recognized. Annual gifts of any amount count towards membership. Sometimes giving can feel like just drops in a bucket, but when joined together, consistent gifts can and do add up to make a significant impact.