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An endowed fund is established with a gift from a donor by an institution. It allows for regular withdrawals from the invested capital to be used for ongoing operations or other donor specified purposes.

Endowment growth is a priority at Marietta College.  Each year, our endowment funds important initiatives like scholarships, programs, and faculty support and other areas.  A larger endowment would increase the funds available to deliver a world-class education for our students and support our talented faculty each year. 

By creating an endowed fund you are committing to the College’s mission and can support both your own values as well as College priorities in perpetuity. An endowment is ultimately the most important guarantee of institutional excellence, generation after generation. Endowment growth positively impacts access and excellence at Marietta. Over the next decade, we will increase opportunities to create Scholarships, fund Distinguished Professorships and Chairs, create new named funds to support and grow programs of distinction and high impact, and provide other social and community experiences for our undergraduates.

To establish an endowed fund, a gift of at least $25,000 is needed. If you are interested in making an endowed gift, please contact:

Josh Jacobs, Ed.D.
Vice President for Advancement

The following are specific endowment priorities:

Named Scholarships

Attracting an academically gifted and diverse student body is a competitive enterprise in higher education today. Out-of-pocket cost is critical to the decision-making process for prospective students and families. Marietta is seeking major gift support to build permanent named scholarship funding based on the area of study, academic achievement, financial need, geography, and student diversity. If you are interested in setting up a fund, please email us at or call 740.376.4704.

Endowed Faculty Positions (Chairs and Professorships)

The highest distinction is earned by top-performing professors who also demonstrate important leadership skills at Marietta. We compete in the national marketplace for faculty who will shape, nurture and lead our academic programs. Named gifts will support the appointment of endowed faculty positions like Chairs and Professorships for faculty who demonstrate exceptional scholarship and leadership.

Other Named Funds

Named funds allow the College to build excellence in areas such as academics, athletics, international programs, and the arts. We strive to preserve and nurture existing excellence while developing new ideas to better serve our students and prepare them for success.

Please contact us at to ask us about particular areas where you would consider making an investment that will have an impact on Marietta and its students for years to come.