The Marietta College Faculty and Staff Drive is an initiative to promote faculty and staff philanthropy and is based on the idea that the future success of the College must begin at home. Employee participation shows our students and alumni that we support and believe in Marietta College. Gifts from Marietta College employees make a difference not only in the lives of current students but also in the economic health and vitality of the entire campus community.

Each year, The Marietta Fund transforms the campus community. When you contribute to The Marietta Fund, your personal involvement makes a direct and immediate impact upon students, faculty, and staff by providing support for key components of a distinctive and unique education. Together, our gifts make the difference.

When you make the commitment to contribute during the Faculty and Staff Drive, You Are The Marietta Fund!

2016 - 2017 Faculty and Staff Honor Roll

Thank you to these Faculty and Staff members who have already donated:

Shaylyn R. Allen
Lisa A. Amrine
Angela B. Anderson
Jeanne Arbuckle
Janet Bland
Daniel C. Bryant
Dawn L. Carusi
Jeanne Catalano
Timothy D. Catalano
Miranda Collins
Richard E. Crowther
Ricci E. Davis
Gregory J. Delemeester
Ben W. Ebenhack
Dorothy J. Erb
Alan Estep
Carole Hancock
Lawrence R. Hiser
Kenneth J. Itzkowitz
Jacqueline Khorassani
Christopher L. Klein
Duong Le
Connie Legraen
Patricia G. Martin
Laurie L. McKain

David G. McShaffrey
Tara Meagle
Amanda Mullen
Brandee Norris
Kevin L. Pate
Tina K. Perdue
Gama Perruci
Thomas D. Perry
Lisa L. Phillips
Leanne M. Price
Chett Pritchett
Myra L. Reich
Linda Roesch
William N. Ruud
Mark E. Schaefer
Emily G. Schuck
Jaclyn Schwieterman
Ronald Smith
Angela B. Stevens
Jarrett S. Stull
Michael E. Tager
Wendy J. Thieman
David Torbett
John C. Tynan
Jonathan Vanderwal