All editorial content and tone should reflect Marietta College's brand personality and positioning

In marketing communications and advertising editorial, strive for clarity and impact. Strive for thought-provoking headlines that differentiate Marietta College and draw readers into the story. Avoid institutional language that is not meaningful to the audience.

Compelling, well-told stories communicate the brand more effectively than facts and figures or lengthy explanatory text. Make efforts to highlight key points through powerful true stories told through a blend of captivating video, audio, text and photos.

Editorial Style

Marietta College communications follow the most current edition of The Associated Press Stylebook. (This does not include scholarly publications, which follow relevant academic style guides.)


Every brand has a personality, a way that we can reflect its identity in human terms. These attributes should guide the tone of all Marietta College communications.

When writing copy and headlines, use a tone that is bold and inspiring, appealing to the independent spirit but always with our collaborative nature in mind—a tone that brings to life the Marietta brand personality.

Pioneers are self-reliant, original thinkers.
We are not content to follow the crowd—in fact, we thrive on the challenge of blazing a new trail.
Pioneers are hardworking individuals who want to give back.
Pioneers seek adventure.
We challenge ourselves to explore every new opportunity, push beyond what we thought we could do and live fully in the moment.
Pioneers lead the way.
We think boldly and act for impact, whether it’s creating a nationally recognized academic program, winning a championship or harnessing our leadership and analytical skills to shape our careers and communities.
Relationships matter to Pioneers.
We create a collaborative culture deeply rooted in our responsibility to each other and the world.
Pioneers are innovative and entrepreneurial.
We believe an understanding of the arts, humanities and sciences is essential to an expansive life and a problem-solving mindset.
Pioneers dream big.
We believe that we can discover our calling and translate it into a career, that we can do and be more, that we can make a difference in the world.
Pioneers put their dreams into action and achieve more than they ever imagined

Brand Messaging

When telling the Marietta College brand story, keep in mind the essential elements of our messaging: the pioneer spirit of our people, the space we offer to explore and the new frontiers we open through our programs. Consider these elements when writing copy; they help articulate our positioning and tell Marietta stories in a way distinctive from other colleges and universities. 

The Pioneer Spirit of Our People

  • Pioneers are driven and independent—and know that altogether they can accomplish anything.
  • We are hardworking students, faculty and staff, with a work ethic, intellectual curiosity and drive to give back.
  • Students, faculty and staff are genuinely connected. Every single student works individually with a faculty mentor in a capstone project and experiences a culture of interaction with all Marietta community members that change his or her life.
  • We are The Long Blue Line of successful, proud and loyal graduates who stand ready to inspire the next generation of Marietta students.
  • We respect diversity and celebrate a global perspective.

Space We Offer to Explore

  • With space to seek adventure, Pioneers will thrive.
  • Our campus provides the technology and resources for students, faculty and staff to pursue their interests.
  • Our campus and surrounding community provide a safe place for students to take the intellectual risks that expand their knowledge of the world.
  • Our location between two rivers amid Appalachia’s natural beauty provides boundless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, and the region’s pioneer history and contemporary culture provide other expansive opportunities to stretch students’ experiences.

The New Frontiers We Open Through Our Programs

Pioneers always lead the way.

  • We put a modern spin on the classic liberal arts education. Extensive experiential learning, professional opportunities, and integrated leadership training allow students to apply the broad knowledge and in-demand skills gained from studying the arts and sciences.
  • We are a leader in petroleum engineering, land management, teacher education and more, and offer exceptional opportunities and nationally accredited programs in a wide range of academic fields.
  • The result is graduates who open new frontiers in their futures and their fields.


Using the Branding Theme

Marietta College’s branding theme is a call to action that communicates who we are in a distinctive way. It provides a framework for engaging all audiences with our value and mission.

The theme is a rallying cry, a specific call to the next generation of Marietta students— as well as a call for the current Marietta community and The Long Blue Line to unite. Variations of the theme pair with phrases such as “This is the time. This is the place.” to tailor the message to specific audiences and create a sense of immediacy. Whether speaking to high school students or potential donors, with this theme we are calling audiences to act and promising that here is where that action will have the greatest impact.

The use of “Pioneer/pioneer” connects Marietta College’s rich history, long line of successful alumni and powerful athletics with the exhilarating promise of all that the College, and those connected with it, can and will do.

Messaging By Audience

Within Marietta College’s brand “voice,” the attributes of our brand personality can be dialed up or down to craft copy that resonates with different audiences. Think of these attributes as volume controls.

For instance, when writing for an audience of young potential undergraduate students, the tone and style should connect with their desire for originality (Independent) and exciting new challenges (Adventurous). When addressing their parents, the tone and style should be more practical (Driven) and outcome-oriented (Transformative).

The following sections highlight the messaging emphasis and give an editorial example for many of Marietta College’s primary audiences: prospective undergraduates, prospective athletes, parents, prospective graduate students, alumni, donors, faculty and staff.

When crafting your message, first step back to consider your audience’s needs so that you can shape effective, authentic communications that meet these needs. Ground your message in current beliefs and future expectations to build credibility and inspire your audience to action.

Speaking to Potential Undergraduates

Today’s Generation Z possesses a strong desire to better the world, and many are hopeful their personal interests will translate into careers. While they value a college degree, they are concerned with cost. The theme speaks to both the practical impact that choosing Marietta will have on them as well as the impact they will make as they go forth from Marietta.

By blending a soaring, lyrical feel and bold ideas, editorial will appeal to all genders of students to help achieve the gender balance the College seeks.

Messaging Emphasis

Editorial Example

Have you heard what happened to those with curious minds? They packed up. They got out. Broke free of conventions.

And, oh, you won’t even find them on the path less traveled. These prospectors of knowledge, these nonconformists, are blazing a new trail. A course that confronts challenges. With the sole purpose of defeating them.

They never fall in line. But they are joining the long line of those who sought adventure, explored the unknown and prepared for anything.

Breathe. Let go.

Hear the voice inside you. It’s calling. An undeniable desire to seek answers and the tenacity to put them to good use.

Sing the song of your mind.

This is the time. This is the place. Bring forth a Pioneer.

Speaking to Prospective Athletes

With the College’s electrifying Ohio Athletic Conference competition and a mounting list of national championships, DIII athletes will have powerful opportunities as Marietta Pioneers.

Messaging Emphasis

Editorial Example

It's just like a Pioneer to rise to the challenge.
You've worked hard. And at Marietta, it will pay off.

Not just as part of a team that wins the championship in the Ohio Athletic Conference, but as part of a school where every student and professor will challenge you to reach inside and go further and faster than you imagined you could.

It's time.

Speaking to Parents

For cost-conscious families, and particularly for the parents of the many first-generation college students that Marietta attracts, the theme creates an exciting opportunity to explain the value of a liberal arts education to prospective families by emphasizing the immediate need for critical thinkers, problem solvers and well-rounded individuals.

Messaging Emphasis

Editorial Example

This is the time. This is the place.

Today’s employers in all fields are seeking innovative problem solvers and strong thinkers who can advance their organizations. They seek leaders ready to tackle any challenge.

Marietta College prepares those leaders.

We help students pursue big ideas, apply them to real life and turn what they care about into a career. Along the way, our professors and alumni connect students
to a professional network throughout the country and across the world.

When it comes to lifelong opportunity, Pioneers always lead the way.

Speaking to Prospective Graduate Students

A master's degree from Marietta College opens a path to career success and the ability to make a real impact on others through one's profession

Messaging Emphasis

Editorial Example

If you’re seeking maximum impact on your career and your community, Marietta College is the place.

Our graduate-level Physician Assistant Program will prepare you to meet the dramatically rising need for quality healthcare in our region and throughout the country. The physician assistant profession is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the nation. Forbes and USA Today have named it the most promising job in America.

At Marietta, close collaboration with talented professors, along with extensive research and clinical opportunities, will energize you and prepare you in every way. Our students consistently surpass the national graduation rate and first-time pass rate on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination. Nearly all obtain immediate employment, with more than two-thirds practicing in Ohio and the Appalachian region.

Think boldly. Act for impact. As a Pioneer, your potential is unlimited.

Speaking to Alumni

The theme allows alumni to reflect on their own years at Marietta College with nostalgia and appreciation for how the College shaped their future. It builds on the pride and loyalty of The Long Blue Line to instill a desire to connect with and support the College, helping their own in times of both need and strength.

Messaging Emphasis

Editorial Example

We are Pioneers and our time is now.

We are expanding the frontiers of science, art, education. We are giving back and forging ahead. We are readying the next generation of adventurers who seek to blaze new trails.

Together we can do anything.

You are The Long Blue Line.
We want you to be part of its future.

Speaking to Donors

Through their support of Marietta College, donors will directly impact talented, hardworking students who will, in turn, positively impact their professions, their communities and the future.

Messaging Emphasis

Editorial Example

The world needs Pioneers.

Bold thinkers ready to confront any challenge. Independent spirits able to inspire and lead others on the journey to a promising future.

It takes all of us to prepare the next generation that will go forth from Marietta. This is the time. This is the place.

With your help, we will continue to bring forth Pioneers.

Speaking to Faculty and Staff

Small, liberal arts colleges draw faculty and staff who value teaching and their relationships with students. The theme allows the College to highlight the transformative impact prospective faculty and staff will have as they pursue their professional careers in Marietta’s highly collaborative, interactive culture. 

Messaging Emphasis

Editorial Example

At Marietta College, great work has greater impact.

As you expand the boundaries of your field, you will open new possibilities to students with the drive and independent spirit to make a difference wherever they go. Finding our next Pioneers takes a Pioneer. Our highly collaborative culture inspires deep mentoring relationships that are truly life changing for our students.

Here you will find remarkable resources and an environment inspired by the energy of colleagues who dedicate their expertise to creating innovative, nationally recognized programs.

Here you will harness the practical power of a liberal arts education.

Program-Specific Messaging

To engage audiences with the Marietta College brand and support our brand positioning in marketing communications and advertising editorial, it is important
to present the College as a whole and highlight our strongest programs. Content should be strategically chosen to support our essential brand elements, which often for communications produced by the College means emphasizing Marietta College overall and its leading programs. At the departmental level, it means selecting specific content that illustrates the pioneer spirit of our people, space we offer to explore and the new frontiers we open through our programs. Communicating the brand effectively in this way will help us reach our overall admissions and advancement goals, thus strengthening all of our departments.

In developing editorial for specific programs, keep in mind Marietta College’s branding theme and essential messaging elements as well as the aspects of the brand personality that are most applicable to that program.

Editorial Example: Physics Major

Liquid nitrogen ice cream? Just one of the creative ways Joe Andler ’15 helped promote campus science clubs and research while he was at Marietta. Joe interned at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory through a Marietta alumni connection. He is now at Purdue working on a doctorate in materials engineering.

Major in physics or applied physics at Marietta and enjoy research opportunities that many students often wouldn’t have until graduate school.

In small classes and independent projects, you will work closely with faculty who are dedicated to teaching and mentoring student research. You will use state-of-the-art facilities including a parallel computing cluster and quantum optics, scanning tunneling microscopy and surface physics laboratories. Marietta physics students earn NASA summer research fellowships, internships at Stanford, Johns Hopkins and Columbia universities, work in our planetarium and present their work at regional and
national conferences.

Editorial Example: Management Major

“Marietta gave me the excitement of learning new things every day; I always felt challenged. Taking courses that didn’t directly align with my fields of study exposed me to different ways of thinking and enhanced my communication, analytical and reasoning skills.”
—Nathalia Ferreira ’16, Account Representative, DHL Express

Marietta’s broad range of courses and extensive opportunities for practical experience will help you prepare for a career in management in nearly any field you can imagine. In small classes and research projects, you will learn from faculty with significant international experience.

As a management major, you will help local businesses solve real problems. You can also connect with local entrepreneurs and social innovators in our PioPitch program. Or work on your leadership skills with experts at our McDonough Center for Leadership and Business.