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One of the hallmarks of the McDonough Center is its focus on the development of engaged leaders who can translate knowledge into action, and in the process contribute to the betterment of their communities. The McDonough Center offers students and faculty opportunities to become engaged leaders through service activities in the community. The Office of Community Engagement works with the faculty and staff of Marietta College and the community partners in our area to coordinate service projects and volunteering activities for all students at Marietta College.

What is Community Engagement? We strongly believe that leadership development does not simply involve the acquisition of knowledge and skills. While skill-building is important, leaders become effective once they develop a connection to their environment. This connection is dynamic and involves constant change. If leadership is to be meaningful, it has to be grounded in action. Right from the beginning, we ask our McDonough Scholars a direct question: Leadership for what? Community engagement, therefore, is defined as the avenue through which you find your passion that connects your individual professional goal to the needs of the community.

Get Involved – Be Part of the Solution: The habits of thoughtful and engaged leaders are best developed in college through involvement in the community. At McDonough, students become involved through service, which enhances the overall leadership experience by providing students with experiential learning – a bridge between academic learning and the real world. Through a service experience, we also meet the citizen leaders who are making a difference in their community. In the process, we also become part of the solution by contributing our unique qualities and energy.

Want to Know More?

Contact Dr. Amy Elliott, Director of The Office Of Community Engagement at 740.376.4561 or