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What will you discover about yourself?

You won't be the same after your four years at Marietta. The status quo doesn't cut it here. In an environment where we celebrate curiosity, inspire independence and praise perseverance, how could you possibly stay the same? Professors will challenge you to dive deeper through independent projects and internships. Coaches will demand extra reps after practice. Friends will support your every step.

Explore what Marietta College has to offer

Marietta College puts a modern spin on the classic liberal arts education. Our approach to your education — and to the education of thousands of others — is one of the ways that makes Marietta College stand out in the region and the nation.

We pride ourselves on academic excellence and it is the No. 1 reason why Marietta is consistently one of the top-ranked colleges in the Midwest. Extensive experiential learning, professional opportunities and integrated leadership training allow students to apply the broad knowledge and in-demand skills gained from studying the arts and sciences. The result is graduates who open new frontiers in their futures and in their fields.

At Marietta, you will emerge ready to change the world.

Learn what you want to learn

Excellence In Academics

We offer rigorous academic programs in more than 50 majors that are designed to challenge our students, as well as prepare them for a successful future. We are consistently recognized by outside entities like U.S. News & World Report, and our faculty value the close, personal connection they make in the classroom.

We have your major

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The facts

Marietta College offers an academic experience that will set you up for success


Law School acceptance rates

Since 2008, students who actively engage in Marietta College's Pre-Law program and apply to law school have been accepted. In recent years, students have attended law schools at the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, West Virginia University, University of Toledo, University of Pittsburgh, University of Richmond, William and Mary College, University of Arizona, University of Florida, Howard University and Cleveland State University.


Student-to-Faculty ratio

At Marietta, you will not sit in a class where a professor lectures for an hour while students scribble down notes. This is a place where you will explore the unknown, speak your mind and seek answers to tough questions. Challenge us. Because we’re going to challenge you!


Phi Beta Kappa chapter founded

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest academic honor society and is widely considered the most prestigious honor society in the U.S. When Marietta College started the 16th chapter in the entire nation, it joined members William & Mary, Harvard, Yale and others. Over its history, 17 U.S. Presidents, 39 Supreme Court Justices and 136 Nobel laureates have been named Phi Beta Kappa.

Learn from the best

Outstanding Faculty

Marietta's faculty are one of the main reasons this College is an extraordinary place to earn an undergraduate degree. Dedicated to academic rigor, undergraduate research, and building lasting relationships with their students, our professors are respected members of their specialized fields and have chosen to share their knowledge with future generations of leaders in their fields.

The faculty is made up of more than 100 professors — seventy-six percent of whom possess a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field. In addition to being scholars, these dedicated individuals have attained recognition as experts and conduct important research that benefits their fields. Because our professors' top priority is teaching, our students benefit from faculty research because they are frequently collaborating with their mentors on these projects.

Because the student-to-professor ratio is 10:1, our faculty have more opportunities to work closely with students and develop stronger connections that last well beyond Commencement.

Our students also give Marietta's faculty high praise for their hard work and dedication as advisors. During orientation, first-year students are paired with an advisor who will remain with that student until a major is declared. Faculty advisors help students map out a plan in their chosen field of study, provide mentoring about internships and other ways to gain experiential education, and also inform students about post-graduate opportunities such as graduate school or career possibilities.

Marietta College in the Rankings

Many publications and websites release annual college rankings each summer. Each one uses a variety of methodologies and criteria in an attempt to quantify a set of different factors into a ranking that compares colleges and universities to one another.

While Marietta College recognizes these independent evaluations are a useful tool for prospective students and families, we don't make strategic decisions involving academics or co-curricular programs with improving our placement in any rankings. In fact, the rankings reveal that Marietta provides a quality, contemporary liberal arts education at an affordable price.

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Learn beyond your major

General Education

“I'm an English major; why do I have to take Statistics?”

“How will this History course ever benefit me when I become a field biologist?”

“Wouldn't it be better for me to just focus on the courses that are related to my major instead of filling my schedule with classes that have nothing to do with my future profession?”

Every Marietta College professor has fielded these and similar questions from first-year students. For a new student just beginning a collegiate career, it’s hard to imagine any benefit to studying a subject that doesn’t pertain to one’s major. In fact, it’s pretty common for college newcomers to assume the only thing they’ll need to enjoy a successful career is a core group of classes.
At Marietta College, we don’t think so. We do require a student majoring in Finance to take courses in Political Science, History, Mathematics and English. And if the student also chooses to take courses in Spanish, Theatre and Geology, those courses are available as well.
General Education is the part of an undergraduate degree where you learn beyond your major — the part of your degree that makes you an educated person and prepares you for a complex and challenging world.

At Marietta, we require students to take a distribution of courses across the areas of literature, communication, history, fine arts, leadership, writing, social analysis, natural sciences, quantitative reasoning, diversity and globalization.

McDonough Leadership Program

Pioneers Always Lead the Way

Our nationally recognized McDonough Leadership Program instills a "service above self" mentality in talented Marietta students. Open to all freshmen and sophomores, the program offers five tracks, including three leadership certificates, our International Leadership Studies major and our Leadership Studies minor.

Discover more about being a McDonough Scholar

Learn More

We hear it all the time — “How am I going to pay for college?"

Rest assured, you will be able to afford to attend Marietta College. We are dedicated to making sure our highly respected, contemporary liberal arts education will fit your financial plan. Our goal is to welcome talented, hard-working students to campus. We have created a financial aid program to help ensure that admitted students can afford a Marietta College education. We also promise that our financial aid team will work closely with your family to understand your financial situation, and then develop a comprehensive financial aid package that fits your needs.

We know that each individual student's financial circumstances are unique, therefore our goal is to provide you the best possible financial aid package we can. We are a willing partner with you in making Marietta possible and, to this end, each year we commit more than $15 million of our funds in financial assistance. Our program is extensive and includes merit-based scholarships; federal, state, and Marietta College need-based grants; state and federal loans; and student work-study. Learn more about Marietta College's Financial Aid.

Budgeting for your Education

How are you paying for college?

We'd love to chat! Marietta College's dedicated team in the Office of Student Financial Aid is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process of finding effective solutions to fund your education. Our approach to financial assistance is simple: We want to make Marietta College affordable to every qualified student who desires to attend. We know a high-quality, private education is not cheap, and we will expect you to pay your fair share of the cost. But this is a partnership and each year we commit more than $24 million of our funds in financial assistance. 

You can afford to go here

Discover How

The facts

Marietta College's keys to keeping education affordable


Average funds you could get

Students admitted for Fall 2020 who filed the FAFSA received, on average, $4,541 more in Marietta aid than families who didn't file.


MC's FAFSA number

Filling out the FAFSA form can save you tens of thousands of dollars over your four years at Marietta College. We strongly encourage you to do this and increase your chances of earning more financial aid and scholarships.


Our commitment to you

Marietta awards more than $24 million in academic MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS and GRANTS every year as part of our commitment in making your education affordable.

Great choices

The Marietta Investment

Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions of your life. You are making a huge investment — of your life, your energy and your resources. We know, it can be overwhelming. But there is plenty of data that shows why Marietta College is a sound investment.

A larger percentage of students attending private colleges receive financial aid than those at public universities, and private colleges give students nearly SIX TIMES as much grant aid as the federal government provides. In 2020, Marietta students averaged $24,234 in aid.

Your investment in a Marietta College education pays off, too. Members of The Long Blue Line earn 39 percent more in mid-career salary than those from similar institutions according to a report by the Brookings Institution-Common Sense rankings. And you are going to college for more than a degree. At Marietta, you will fuel your passion, apply classes to current events and develop transformational relationships with faculty that lead to internships and job offers.

Learn More about tuition and fees

Compete for Scholarships

Each year, early in the spring semester, Marietta College hosts hundreds of future Pioneers as they compete for some of our most sought-after scholarships, including a few full-ride offers that are based on academic success. These scholarships can add up to more than $250,000 over four years.

Our most prestigious scholarship is the John G. and Jeanne B. McCoy Scholarship, which has been awarded to one student every year since 1999. The scholarship program was endowed by John G. ’35 and Jeanne B. McCoy to promote and recognize outstanding academic ability and achievement in an incoming freshman student. The award includes tuition, fees, room and board, and is renewable for four years. Could you be the next McCoy Scholar?

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Should you apply for aid?

YES ... Please do!

We want to make sure you have turned over every rock to find funding for your education. Look, every family’s situation is different but there are some important reasons why you should file an application at

Need-based aid is awarded as grants, loans or work-study awards. To be considered for need-based aid your family must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (known as FAFSA) at This application is used to determine what type of federal, state or Marietta need-based aid your family is eligible to receive.

PS: When you fill out the FAFSA, please include Marietta College's FAFSA code (003073).

Invest in Your Future

Education lasts a lifetime

Let's be honest, meaningful employment options are more robust when you have a college degree, and the data we can provide proves this to be true — year after year.

How much money could you make?

Learn More

With a 90-acre campus nestled between two rivers, and 1,200 of your best friends living within two city blocks — Adventure begins here!

At Marietta College, you will discover a diverse and engaging group of students who make campus life remarkable and memorable. Life on campus is vibrant because our students are a reflection of the world around us. We are artists, athletes, activists, cyclists, singers, researchers, volunteers, and adventurers, and at Marietta, you will find your niche. 


For exploration. For discovery. For helping others. For lifelong friendships.


Sometimes you just have to let loose

Doo Dah Day

Doo Dah Day at Marietta College has been giving students an opportunity to let loose for more than 40 years. Every April, students celebrate the arrival of spring with live music, hot air balloon rides, bubble soccer, dance parties, carnival games, and a 21-and-over beer garden. After you have been to one you will share a bond with generations of alumni.

Check out the Fun


The facts

We promise — you will find Adventure here


of our students live on campus

With everything happening around campus, you won't want to spend much time in your room. But the lounges in our 12 traditional and apartment-style residence halls will still host some of your fondest memories with friends.


Student clubs & organizations

Take a look at the outstanding list of student clubs and organizations that we have at Marietta College — we're confident you'll find something you like. With intramurals, honor societies, Greek life, Student Government Association, and Pioneer Activities Council, we want to give you a little bit of advice: Pace Yourself.


Restaurants you can walk to

Just stop by the Over the Moon Pub & Pizza and grab a slice —you'll see what we mean. Try Tampico Mexican Restaurant and find out why Marietta alumni never miss a chance to go back for the free chips and salsa when they return to campus. The selection on campus is just as good, if not better. Treat yourself to a Starbucks coffee from Chlapaty Café or a milkshake at Izzy's. Or enjoy all-you-can-eat entrees in Gilman Dining Hall.

share your talents

Community Service

Pioneers go where others won't. 

They spend winter break building houses and schools in Nicaragua. They meet with Lakota elders on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. They act as role models working with youth in local after-school programs. Tey start non-profits to give homeless children presents on their birthdays.

They possess the ability and the determination to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

Join them to DISCOVER your own FRONTIER.

Explore your options with the Office of Civic Engagement.

Is Greek Life for you?

More than 200 of our students are involved in the College's Greek Life system, which includes four fraternities and three sororities. MC's Greek Life is an award-winning community and a leader in the nation exemplifying what is best about fraternity and sorority life

Leadership, Scholarship, Fellowship, and Service are the foundations of our Greek Community, and the values of each organization help to make us all better students, employees, servants of the community, and friends. While many things have changed since the first fraternities were founded in the mid-1800s, the values of the Greek Community continue to be a leading force on this campus.

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perfect college environment

Learning is only one of the things we do here

Escape the daily grind. Take a study break and job alongside the Muskingum River or strap on your GoPro as you mountain bike down Cisler Trail.

In this natural, action-packed atmosphere, you will notice you can really breathe out here. With brick-paved streets, pubs and cafes, two rivers, galleries, live music, historic graveyards, a comedy club and plenty of live concerts at two downtown locations, we promise you will have plenty of things to do during your downtime.

Don't forget, there are also plenty of recreational options on campus as well. Want to give the Rock Wall in the Recreation Center a try? Someone will be there to help. Interested in a jam session with your future rock band? We have a state-of-the-art recording studio in the McKinney Building. Have you ever rocked the BanJo (no, not the instrument)? You'll want to experience the deafening sound of 1,200 fans cheering and screaming for our nationally ranked basketball teams.

You ready to be a Pioneer!

Education Abroad

Fulfill your dream of being a Global Citizen

Since 2008, our students have studied abroad in 45 different locations around the globe. Are you interested in spending a semester in Italy? Are Office of Education Abroad is here to help. Pack your bags and get ready to put some stamps in your passport.

Let us help you discover the world

Learn More

We believe the world needs more Pioneers.

Today's employers — in all fields — need innovative problem solvers and creative thinkers who will advance their organizations. They want leaders. They want PIONEERS! Marietta College prepares those leaders. We help students pursue big ideas, apply them to real life and turn what they care about into careers. Our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio means you will interact closely with your professors to make the most out of your classroom time and forge lasting relationships with them.

Our students are serious about their futures and realize Marietta College is the first step to accomplishing their dreams. They are focused. They are passionate. They know what they do here will define who they become and how they impact the world. PIONEERS ALWAYS LEAD.

I, Pioneer

What makes a pioneer? Is it a status that is finally achieved at the end of a long career filled with record-breaking accomplishments? Is the title reserved for someone who makes a life-changing discovery or reaches a level of fame in their profession that everyone else aspires to achieve? 

Yes, of course, landing in any of those categories makes you a pioneer — but those aren’t the only benchmarks. Marietta’s pioneers are people who commit themselves to making their industries and their communities better, and who pave the way for future generations to take up the task and continue to push forward. 

The next four years will play a large role in determining what path you will take in life. Learn more about what inspired some of our current students, employees and alumni in their journeys to become Pioneers.

Do you have what it takes?

The facts

At Marietta College, We Believe the World Needs More Pioneers


Alumni would choose MC again

In a 2020 survey, 93 percent of the Marietta College alumni who responded said they were pleased with their decision to attend Marietta College and they would make the same choice again.


Average mid-career salary

According to, Marietta College ranks 12th among all Ohio colleges and universities in mid-career salary and third among our peers in the Ohio Athletic Conference. Your career after graduation actually begins the first day you walk onto campus, even if you don't know what you want to do. Study habits and attention to detail are important, but you should also meet with your advisor and connect with the Career Center during your first semester.


Finish undergraduate research

Every Marietta College student completes a Senior Capstone project or presentation before graduation — most of which are shared during the annual Spring All Scholars Day.

You are prepared for anything

Value of a Liberal Arts Education

One more thing about the Liberal Arts and Sciences. They prepare you for anything.

Most people no longer stay in the same career for their entire working life. At Marietta, you'll develop a broad range of knowledge and a solid foundation of highly marketable communication and analytical skills. Call it "insurance," "door number two," or whatever you like — it's just good to have.

Getting your degree in Music Education doesn't mean you'll be teaching piano for the rest of your life. With a degree from Marietta College, you'll never feel trapped by your career. Maybe you feel like turning that Music Education degree into a career in sales? Go for it. Your Marietta education (no expiration date on that diploma, by the way) will jump-start your career shift.

Learn More about Student Learning Outcomes

Meaningful Opportunities Happen Everywhere

Unforgettable Experience

Joe Tucker ’21 had a quintessential Marietta College experience 8,000 miles away from campus.

For 10 days in November, the International Business major paired with a team of students, business owners and developers from five different countries to identify and work toward a solution to one global sustainability issue during the UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2019, which was held in Shenzhen, China. The global initiative unites young people from around the world to help develop solutions toward the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Tucker competed with 8,000 other students and professionals from around the world for the opportunity to attend the symposium. His team focused on increasing awareness within supply chains, particularly beef supply chains.

“The central problem we found is that someone could eat a hamburger in New York and unknowingly be contributing to the historic drought in the Colorado River basin,” Tucker says. “This blindness occurs in part because we did not find any current holistic way to trace water consumption, first in the cattle feed grown and all the way up to beef retailers. We found that beef processors are often where the supply chains of many retailers and restaurants begin.”

Tucker, who was the youngest member in his group, says the work is ongoing, and his team is currently working on a project to leverage an awareness campaign through social media.

“My most memorable part of the trip was the opportunity to meet and work with professionals from the World Bank Group, the United Nations and Deloitte and with social impact entrepreneurs everywhere from Chicago to Ghana.”

Discover. dedicate. do

Connect with the Career Center

Conversations with the Career Center can start moving you in the right direction. Want to get started? Your first step is to connect with this service by making a virtual appointment in Handshake.

How can the Career Center help? How about tips on writing your résumé, tracking down leads for internships or preparing for a job interview? The staff at the Career Center can also connect you with alumni from around the world, helping you grow your professional network. The Career Center is also here to help you prepare for graduate school entrance exams — like the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT.

The Career Center is located in Upper Gilman next to the College Bookstore. Office hours are 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Learn More about our Career Center

Finding Success

Phil York ’10

Connecting the dots is something Phil York ’10 has always felt was one of his biggest strengths. After graduating from Marietta and while attending graduate school, Phil started to focus on a career path that included non-profit organizations. He quickly surmised that non-profits need robust and focused fundraising to flourish

A Marietta degree leads to a rewarding career 

Phil's Journey

We encourage you to break free of conventions and find adventure. Today would be a great day to Take a Road Trip.

You might be surprised what you find — a classic college town surrounded by two rivers, the Appalachian Mountains and opportunity waiting around every brick-covered street corner. Where prospectors of knowledge, nonconformists, are blazing a new trail. A course that confronts challenges. With the sole purpose of defeating them.

They never fall in line. But they are joining the long line of those who sought adventure, explored the unknown and prepared for anything. BREATHE. LET GO. Hear the voice inside you. It's calling. An undeniable desire to seek answers and the tenacity to put them to good use.

This is the time. This is the place.

Hit the Open Road

Get off the couch and pack a bag.

You could spend the weekend binge-watching the same Friends reruns you've already seen a hundred times. Or, in a few hours, you could discover a place that's completely beyond your expectations — a place you'll call home for the next four years.

Discover Marietta College

Visit Us

The facts

Visit Marietta today and learn why you will call it home for the next 4 years


Save money while visiting

More than 30 local restaurants and businesses will give you a 10-percent discount on the day you visit campus. It's simple: Show your name badge and lanyard for the discount. Once you become a Marietta College student, these discounts are available every day with your student ID.


Minutes to campus from airport

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, which is located in West Virginia, is just a 15-minute car ride from campus. If you want to fly into a larger airport like Columbus, Ohio, or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you are within two hours of Marietta College's picturesque campus. No matter what, the College is accessible from all over the world.


Bike trails

Washington County, Ohio, boasts six bike trails that total more than 40 miles. If you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, you will find the perfect trail. A popular choice is the 4.3-mile River Trail that runs along the Ohio and Muskingum rivers. 

Enjoy a walking tour with a student guide

Experience Marietta

Our students say campus feels like home from the moment they arrive. It's a rare quality in a college, but one we are confident you will experience when you step foot on Marietta's beautiful campus. That welcoming feeling begins during the walking tour with an Admission student guide.

That welcoming feeling will begin during the 60-minute walking tour of campus with an Admission student guide. The student ambassador will guide you through our campus buildings — including a residence hall, the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center and the Rickey Science Center. Our student guide will also provide an exhaustive overview of life at Marietta and talk about their personal experiences, which includes an honest and open evaluation of our tasty, on-campus dining options.

While this is a tour only and does not include a formal presentation, Admission Counselors are available and happy to answer any questions you may have before or after the tour. We also encourage you to interact with our students and faculty during the tour to get a better feel of what it is like to be part of the Marietta College Family.

Here's a sneak preview for you.

The River City

Marietta, Ohio, packs a lot of charm between two rivers. Lucky for us, we're right at its heart. With brick-paved streets, pubs and coffee shops, galleries, live music, a comedy club and all of your best friends living within two city blocks — where else can you find that?

Downtown Marietta is jam-packed with plenty of restaurants that cater to all types of tastes — Mexican, American, Mediterranean, Pub-style and plenty of pizza. Venture across the Muskingum River and eat breakfast at the Busy Bee — you won't regret it. Want a specialty coffee? Walk to Jeremiah's Coffee on Front Street and try a Caramel Apple Latte (of course you may want to get a Wild Rice Baja Bowl, too). 


open houses 

Learn why MC is the right fit for you

You can only learn so much about us online. Now it's time to learn — up close and personal — why Marietta is one of the best Colleges in the Midwest.

Attending an Open House provides students and their families with the chance to visit our beautiful campus for a day and experience first-hand what it’s like to be a student at Marietta College. You will discover more about student and residential life and speak one-on-one with faculty and staff about majors and activities that interest you. You will also learn about MC's impactful Pio Path program that prepares students for success during their time on campus. The day also includes a complimentary lunch from our dining partner, Parkhurst Dining, and a tour of our picturesque campus. Our open houses are popular, so space is limited. We encourage you to make a reservation early.


  • Discover Marietta Day
    • Friday, July 21
  • Athletic Training Visit Day
    • Wednesday, September 20
  • STEM Visit Day
    • Saturday, September 23
  • Education Visit Day
    • Wednesday, October 4
  • October Open House
    • Saturday, October 14
  • Fine Arts Visit Day
    • Friday, October 27
  • November Open House
    • Saturday, November 11
  • Physician Assistant Visit Day
    • Friday, December 1


  • Premier Scholar Day
    • Saturday, January 27
  • Winter Open House
    • Saturday, February 10
  • Navy Blue & White Day
  • Pioneer Preview Day
    • Saturday, April 13
  • Discover Marietta Day
    • Friday, July 12

Look around online before coming to campus

Virtual Visit

Naturally, we would love to see you in-person on our beautiful campus. But we understand. You want to look under the hood a little bit before you commit to scheduling a visit.

Visit from the comfort of your home

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