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Application for Petroleum Engineering
We’re excited that you have taken an interest in Petroleum Engineering at Marietta College. As the top-rated liberal-arts petroleum engineering program in the United States, our mission is to graduate well-rounded baccalaureate petroleum engineers who are prepared for positions in the petroleum industry or graduate school, and for life-long learning, professional development, and a career as a professional engineer and leader in the global petroleum industry.

Admission Policy for Petroleum Engineering
The recommended admission expectations for the Petroleum Engineering Program are a minimum of a 3.40 (on a 4.0 scale) high school grade point average (GPA) coupled with a 25 ACT in mathematics and a 24 ACT overall or a 610 SAT in mathematics and 1180 SAT overall. Since Marietta College is test-optional, these are only recommended scores.

Petro Application Timeline

Week of    
Oct.9 Pre-decision Day Review First Review
Oct. 30 Pre-decision Day Review Second Review
Nov. 14-16 Decision Day Review Day of Decision Day Review
Day Of Nov. 15 Decision Day All Accepted Students w/Petro Major
Dec. 4 Rolling Decisions Post-Thanksgiving
Dec. 18 Rolling Decisions Pre-Winter Break
Jan. 15 Rolling Decisions Post-Winter Break
Jan. 29 Rolling Decisions 2 x's/month
Feb. 12 Rolling Decisions 2 x's/month
Feb. 26 Rolling Decisions 2 x's/month
March 12 Rolling Decisions 2 x's/month
March 26 Rolling Decisions 2 x's/month
April 16 Rolling Decisions 2 x's/month
April 30 Rolling Decisions 2 x's/month
May 1 As Received Space Availability


AccreditationThe Edwy R. Brown Department of Petroleum Engineering and Geology offers a B.S. degree program in petroleum engineering that is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Committee (EAC) of ABET, Inc., a federation of 28 professional and technical societies that is recognized as a U.S. accreditor of college and university programs.